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PSP firmware update brings Neo Geo and PC Engine games?


The PSP has yet again received a firmware update – 6.30 – this time to coincide with the release of big brother the PS3’s own update which brought with it PlayStation Plus functionality. Now this wouldn’t be newsy in its own right were it not for the fact that, apparently, the new PSP firmware comes with pre-made folders for Neo Geo and PC Engine games to go in.

Now, games for these systems have been available on the Japanese PSN for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen any real mention of them over on these shores (America had some mention with a few ESRB ratings popping up). But what does it mean? Well it means we can make a list of a few games we would hope would come to PSN, thus passing it off as a worthy addition to the pile of news available on the internet. Cut the chat – list time!

PC Engine:

Strider – as it doesn’t look like we’ll get it any other way.

Bomberman – this may be available in countless other ways, but we never played the PCE version and heard good things about it.

PC Kid – because… well, because he’s called ‘Bonk’.

Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition – just because it’s Street Fighter 2.

Neo Geo:

Soccer Brawl -just so we can be reminded of our youth (and if this game is any good).

Metal Slug series – another one we’ve seen elsewhere, but the Neo Geo version was the original, so clearly the best (even if it isn’t).

King Of The Monsters – because there aren’t enough giant monster combat games around.

NAM 1975 – clearly fine competition for CoD: Black Ops, innit.

All of those arcade games we used to play on the multi-game machines – because… they were great, weren’t they?

As a note: we haven’t been able to download and try out the new firmware just yet, so we haven’t personally verified the claims these folders pop up. Take with a small pinch of salt, especially as Sony hasn’t confirmed it yet either.

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  • derby2

    Hey we had planty neo-geo games on psp what you guys talking bout…metal slug…king of fighters…psp is better arcade platform than ps2 is….same with capcom collections…all thous games are from arcades….even neo-geo and cpu1-2…all have bouth arcade and consoles option from boot menue….so its notting new…i think its new security update…to bust home bruw thats all

    p.s sorry for my english my born lenguage is russian