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PSP: does cheaper = more relevant?

It’s deadline day, so you’re only getting a quick one.

The PSP is getting – or has already got – a price reduction in the US. While we don’t know if that’s going to spread to the UK and Europe (it would be stupid if it didn’t, naturally) it’s still a reasonably interesting point.

Is it too late for you now? Does a price drop for the PSP even matter at this point? It’s not as expensive as it was when it first came out, but it’s always felt a bit too pricey for me to really recommend it that much to others. Unless I told them to buy one second hand.

I’m one of the biggest PSP fanboys I know and even I’m not sure what the point is of the console continuing half the time. A price drop is always welcome – I love cheap things, as should you – but I genuinely don’t know if it matters anymore.

What do you think? Would a price drop encourage you to actually buy a PSP? Do you even care anymore? Is it too late now? Why am I such a raving PSP apologist? Answers on a postcard (and by postcard I mean the comments section below).

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  • What do you reckon the price could drop to in Ireland? I was a PSP owner when it first came out and i thought it was great… The Grand Theft Auto games were superb… and Championship manager got me throught my final year of school! bag on the table…. pretending to look for my book for the class while torres is banging in a hat trick! the fifa games were midly interesting but fun none the less.. nintendo in my opinion only ever had pokemon to inspire someone to buy there handheld console… xbox only ever had….oh wait xbox dont have one… the PSP could have been better but the only reason it failed because of the hype that was put on it and the hype that is put on anything sony does! the psp had some great titles on it and new ones being released all the time and as far as graphics and stuff went they rivalled any other handheld gaming console! so yes…. the psp price drop is welcome because i’ve been dying to re purchase the psp after i misplaced it in school a year or two ago..