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PSN Outage – Sony Says Sorry With Free Games

PSN Outage – Sony Says Sorry With Free Games

Sony has provided the latest surprise turn in the ongoing PSN hack saga, by offering two free PlayStation3 games as compensation for the outage, along with two PSP games.

The official blog has the full statement but the short version is that you’ll get:

– Sony will offer you two PlayStation3 games free of charge from a list of five
– PSP owners will also be offered two PSP games free of charge from a list of four
– A free month’s subscription to the PlayStation Plus service

Sony hasn’t yet revealed what the list of games will be – obviously it’s no good if the list includes tripe like Iron Man and Thor – but NowGamer suspects the list “is likely to include some games that were originally available to PSN Plus subscribers when the service first launched.”

Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will still have a free month on the service, so they won’t miss out.

Finally, American PlayStation3 owners have been offered a free fraud insurance package worth up to $1 million. Sony Europe confirmed it’s looking into a similar deal for our shores, with the delay being due to the ways different countries inside Europe handle identity theft.

So, when all is said and done – are you pleased with this compensation package?

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  • preston moore

    Um wtf are u talking bout i cant sing on it wont let me change my password and i cant system up date. also it says its currently still under matence when i try to sing in wtf.

  • Ryan King

    Even when PSN is back online, I don’t think singing in is going to help you much.

  • I’m pleasantly surprised I guess, but as you say, if the choice is from a list if tripe then what’s the point. A certain amount of Psn credits would possibly be better, do you can get “free”movies of your choice I’d that’s your thing. Obviously all titles don’t really have a significant cost to Sony if they own the IP, so we can forget seeing, say, Ea titles in the offers

  • preston moore

    Hey ryan its saturday bud and its not on wft man whats going on.

  • preston moore

    Its a bunch of bs every fucking website says the next they said friday it will be on its saturday wtf psn is not on looks like it will never come on. i might switch t xbox if psn isnt up by monday.

  • Sid

    NO! Preston, don’t switch to Xbox 360, you, you (shivers) you might become….. ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand that your angry and all bet just remember why you got PS3 in the first place! Because it’s so much better!

    Anyways, I’m really f*****g p****d off right now because of PSN being down, I’m just really annoyed that they say “it’ll be back up friday” and then it isn’t. IT’S A BLOODY P**S TAKE!

    I’ll be happy and satisfied as long as the free gifts are something I’ll actually appreciate (personally, as a PS3 and PSP player, I would like castle crashers and section 8 prejudice for PS3 and PSOne classics Spyro and Crash Bandicoot) but I’m sure they’ll give us something like, ah, I don’t want to think about it 🙁

    But, one thing Play, I just want to thank you soooooo much for keeping me and many others on the PSN outage, because I just can’t seem to trust any other website, so thank you!

    Now, the wait for PSN to come back online. I’m expecting tommorow (Sunday) but just waiting!

    Thank-you if you actually trying to read this, because I have written alot o_0

  • HBT

    We ( the 70 odd million of us ) should be able to choose what games we receive !! it’ll just be some either OLD or not VERY GOOD games they’ll offer and to me thats not really what “WE” would be expecting . or maybe it’s just me ? who know’s what they’ll be ( any1’s guess ) . before that when will the DAMM thing be back 1st .. ¦~‹ its a waiting game and i dont like them games …

  • Ben

    I have been off school for a week because my tooth ache and what could i do for that whole week nothing because psn wasn’t fucking on, i was so fucking bored and if its not on by tonight im buying an Xbox. i am so fucking pissed off now :L

  • Conor

    let us choose the games.We don’t want the crap that sony is certain to pick for us.

  • HBT

    i see CONOR agree’s with me then !! “WE” should be able to .. they offer PS+ ? if it SOOO good , then why do ppl not bother with it ?? umm cos its BS thats why ! plus do we even get to KEEP what were allowed after the days amount is up ?? Q’s Q’s ?? hope this so called MSG they’ve sent every1 explains everything ..

  • Scotty

    Hi guys, man this is pants what is it with these damn hackers!!! anyway what is the deal with sony? one bl**dy email to say the network is down and not a single update since!! their communication has been p*ss poor. I work in IT and would have been shown the door if I treated my customers this way!!

  • Ollie

    It all sounds good but I play and buy a lot of games so unless they hit us with 4 brand new games then I will likely already have the games they offer. If this happens wat am I actually Guna get besides a kick in the nuts??
    I’m also a plus member so I’m paying for that kick in the nuts!! This ain’t the sorta thing that floats my boat to be fair…. 🙁

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Yo, Preston – Sack up and get over it.

  • Jack

    For crying out loud, online gaming didn’t even exist until 2005-06 and now the network goes down for a few weeks due to a criminal offense and people act like it’s the end of the PS3 itself. Gaming isn’t all about online play. Online isn’t even that big of a deal. If you’re so bored then just replay the Uncharted 2/Heavy Rain/Infamous etc story mode. You’d be surprised how fun it can be to replay a classic.
    Sony are fixing PSN. Get over it and have fun some other way.

  • Jason

    If they {Sony} kept putting out messages then I bet the moaners would say they are wasting time updating us rather than fixing it.

    To be honest I have missed PSN a bit but not that much.

    The PS3 has great offline games I have been back to, as the last post suggested.

    So lets enjoy the rest from online stress and enjoy the peace of you against the machine.

    Whatever games they offer, no one is going to be 100% happy, but so what .. in truth they don’t have to offer any. So wait and see what they offer or politely say “No thanks, I’ll just go back to my free gaming service”

    Oh and by the way .. some of you really need to a] check your spellings b] type in English .. only a suggestion.

    Life’s too short to get so angry

  • Crazy

    No I am not happy with the welcome back package. They should have given us FREE PSN credits instead!! PSN = FAIL!

  • Ian Dransfield

    Do you have any idea how much that would have cost them? Plus they – from a legal standpoint – didn’t actually owe anyone anything.

    I swear, the sense of entitlement some gamers have is bewildering.