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PSN Is Back Online!

PSN Is Back Online!

At long last, it’s back!

Some services are missing – most notably the PlayStation Store – but you can play online, sync your trophies, use services such…

Look, it’s back online. You don’t need me to tell you what’s working and what isn’t, you can see for yourself. Go sign in now! Go go go!

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  • Sid

    YAY! PSN is back 😀 I’m so happy, I could be crying, but I do not have a heart 🙁

    Anyway, I thought we were getting some free games and playstation plus, where’s that? I wasn’t given a plesant “Welcome back Sid, please pick your free games!” Do we have to wait for PS Store to come back on?

  • Scrum

    @above PS Store isn’t up yet, so it’d be pointless at this stage 😛

  • Garan

    I have 3 accounts does that mean I get free games on all of them?

  • stephen

    im having problems with the download required to play fifa 11 online , it keeps stoping, anyone know what is up here

  • Matt in Korea

    Not back for me, I’m in South Korea and haven’t the foggiest when I’ll be able to sign in, all the information is in Korean and my grasp of the language is not spectacular enough to understand what’s going on,

  • shaun

    Is this really the “latest” playstation news? seeing as it’s 6 MONTHS old, i think not. (sad face)

  • Ryan King

    Hence why it was posted six months ago – a quick date check on the previous comments would have shown you that. Nice attempt at being patronising. Was it really “necessary” though? Seeing as it’s 6 MONTHS late, i think not. (sad face)