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PSN Is Back Online! (Almost)

PSN Is Back Online! (Almost)

PSN is the closest it’s ever been to coming back online, with a mandatory 3.61 System Update made available to download when trying to sign in.

The update will ask to change your password and can only do so from your PlayStation, as “an added extra layer of security.”

If you never downloaded any content on your PlayStation3 account, then you will be sent an email from Sony to change your password that way instead.

Unfortunately, this is just the next step for Sony to bring PSN back online and most users are reporting problems downloading the update, with the process stalling. I’ve tried twice and it’s cut off around 15% each time, probably due to everyone hitting the service…

So for now, it’s just the password change feature that’s back online, as we wait for PSN to rumble back into life. Full details on the firmware update can be found over at Sony’s PlaySation Blog.

EDIT: Splash Damage, the developers for Brink, have said that Sony has just notified them that they are restoring PlayStation Network: http://twitter.com/#!/brinkgame/status/69547247662149632

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Twitter for more news and updates from developers, so follow us at twitter.com/playmag_UK for the relevant gossip and info!

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  • rbl007

    thank you ryan

  • Sid

    So, do we know yet when PSN is coming back up for us in the UK? I heard over in the USA their restoring accounts for users in the USA but when do we get our servers restored?

    I predict we will be restored next after the USA because we have the next most amount of PSN users in the world (I found out this mourning :D) so hopefully during lunchtime it comes back up but I guess we will just have to wait and see?

    Thanks Ryan for the update 😀 (I’ve now updated my PS3)

    P.S Does anybody know what free games we will be getting?

  • Scrum

    “PSN is the closest its ever been to come back online”

    Apart from when it was online, although it was so long ago I nearly forgot about it

    Thanks for this update! I’m salivating excessively about PSN being back up. That said, probably the wrong time, what with my multitude of exams this month. Ah well.

    Now it’s time to change the email account and passwords for everything. Yeaaaap

  • Ryan King

    Arrrrgh Scrum, noticed loads of grammatical errors in the bit you quoted! Post edited. Cheers for (accidentally) pointing them out :p

  • freddy0852

    is back and working

  • Joey

    What’s the story with the update? I downloaded it thinking PSN was back but it still says down for maintenance. Didn’t even get to change my password.
    BUT a BF3 trailer I started downloading last month finished itself once I did the update so that’s a positive sign.
    Is it properly back in America now?

  • freddy0852

    im in canada its working after update is dnloaded it takes a few hours before it asks u to change your password ..then it will work

  • @joey me 2 i have download it and it wood not let me change my password lets just see what happens over the next few hours

  • leane

    Bk online in Cardiff!!!! as of 20 mins ago yyeeessssss