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PSN: How long before you have to pay?

PSN: How long before you have to pay?

In the ongoing ‘console wars’ between PS3 and Xbox 360, the subject of online has always been one of hot debate and mental opinions. Amongst all of the name calling, conspiracy theorising and childish squabbling, there’s one sane mantra that is often repeated: ‘but PSN is free!’

It’s been the number one argument of the Sony fan since day one. But how long can it last?

How long indeed. We’re not saying that Sony is suddenly going to announce tomorrow that PSN isn’t free anymore or anything like that.

In the longer term though, could it be that the company decides that to further its aims of being the number one online console gaming network it might have to start monetising one of its biggest assets?

After all, despite the ground clawed back by Sony in the online sphere, there’s still no denying that Xbox Live enjoys a slender lead on its rival in terms of services it offers.

Could Sony start a subscription scheme for everything but online play in the near future, passing on some of the profits to developers and publishers, who currently pay for every GB of bandwidth we use to download their wares?

Or could they use this cash to implement other features? Maybe. So the question is this: what would you pay for, if Sony implemented a subscription scheme? Would you pay if online was for premium users only, or would you also sign up if online play was free but other services such weren’t? Imagine an improved version of PSN Plus boasting features that related to online play (such as cross game chat) and you’re there.

Tell us!

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  • It depends on what services it offers. If it includes things I’d make use of, I’d happily pay. But I will never pay to be able to play games online (as with Xbox Live) as I simply don’t play online often enough to warrant it.

    I don’t currently subscribe to PS+ either, simply because it doesn’t off anything that I’d make use of. I’m not interested in minis or PS1 games, and for the PS3 stuff and discounts, you only get items selected by Sony, most of which I’ve absolutely no interest in. If I’ve got no interest in a game, I won’t take it just because it’s free.

    If PS+ offered, for example, a store-wide 15% off the prices, or I was one of those people who buys almost everything which appears on the store, then I’d probably seriously consider it. But in its current form, it’s cheaper for me to buy the occasional game I really want at full price, than it would be to fork out for a PS+ subscription and a couple of games at the discounted price.

  • Joey

    I agree with the comment above. Really though, charging for PSN will ruin the trump card Playstation has over Xbox by simply being free.
    I had Xbox live and thought it was rubbish, the layout was particularly annoying. I much prefer PSN for it’s simplicity. The turn they’re taking lately with PS Pass is pointing in the direction of charges and Microsoft’ness. Cross game chat would just be a gimmick, do you really feel so obliged to have to talk to people while playing seperate games? Is messaging not enough? I’ve no interest in it and feel heavily outnumbered by people who do. It would just be a waste of Sony’s time and effort.
    I think rather than charging for PSN they should focus on better incentives for people to get Plus as the time we all had with it made no-one even consider subscribing. Streets of Rage was the only good thing. (I’m sure everyone who cared for Burnout got it by now as it’d be found in any bargain bucket in Game)

  • me

    Well i think psn will continue creating new features and upgrading the old ones. lets face it a ps3 costs more but you don’t have to pay for online unlike xboxs also ps3s boasts that it’s also a blue ray player and an average blue ray player costs around £150 minus that from the price of a ps3 and you’ll probably get the same price as an xbox so i say ps3s are better because we don’t have to pay for online. we’re hanging on by a shoe string!

  • no pay

    Well I think that if we could get the dlc at the same time as x box then i would pay a couple of pound more but not as much as x box cause then it would all just be the same