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PSN Hacking – What Barclays Said

PSN Hacking – What Barclays Said

There’s been a lot of concern over whether people should cancel their credit or debit cards following the PSN hacking, so I went to Barclays this lunchtime to talk to their customer service and get their advice.

And their advice was… interesting.

Speaking to Customer Service, they acknowledged the PlayStation3 hacking – “a few people have asked me that today” – and she said while I could cancel my debit card, there’s not much point. Getting a replacement card would only change the last four digits and when I asked if that was enough to hack into my account, she said “if you’re going to get hacked, you’re going to get hacked.” She advised I check my statements thoroughly and also said that Barclays would cover me for any identity fraud that occurs.

I double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked what she said by playing the part of annoying lunchtime customer by asking the same question over, and over, and over, and she not once did she falter from her original stance. She did say I might want to use the in-bank phone to check Barclays official line on the situation though because as she said, a lot of people had been asking about it.

So I called them up and relayed to Debit Card Guy on the other end what I was told. He agreed and said that the only thing would change is the last few numbers (“it’s normally four but it might be more”) and the security code. I said that the only compromised information is the account number and the expiry date on the card. “Oh, you’ll be alright then.” And that was that.

Also worth noting – I was put on hold for roughly 10 minutes as all operators were busy and in the meantime, I overheard two other people in Barclays asking to check their account because of the ‘PlayStation3 hacking’. Seems like a busy day for banks.

I don’t think the line Barclays was spinning was particularly reassuring, as I have trouble believing it. It seemed they had more confidence relying on their ability to get you back any money lost than they did fending off any potential identity fraud.

Still, I’d like to hear what your banks have been telling you – have you heard any different?

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  • Weefz

    Yeah, there’s some system where payments can actually be set up based on the first 12 digits of your card, so requesting a new one wouldn’t help. Xbox Live charges were running on this basis back in 2008 – don’t know if they still are but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I ran into this problem a few years ago when Microsoft were still successfully taking Xbox Live payments 6 months after I cancelled and replaced a debit card. Barclays Debit Card Services told me that this option was to protect the companies from fraud, should a customer set up an ongoing debit and then cancel the card without notice.

  • JD

    I bank with Nationwide and I spoke to them this morning about the same issue.

    They advised me that I didn’t need to request a new card, we went through some transactions on my account to verify they were true and they also said that they actively monitor all transactions on the account and any suspicious activity would lead to it being stopped.

    Again a lot of people had contacted them so it was something they were aware of.

    Just have to be careful about what you click on if it claims to be from Sony or any other firm asking for details.

  • DC

    I spoke to LloydsTSB who just wanted to sell me a service that text me whenever something affected my credit rating.

  • Paul

    I called Barclays up this morning and said about the PlayStation thing and the guy on Debit Card fraud line (or whatever it was) said they were aware of it and issued me a new card – never said I didn’t need a new one, but maybe be didn’t know better at that point.

    I promptly cut mine up and will have the new one in 2-3 working days. I’ve suffered card fraud before so it was more for piece of mind than anything.

  • Farhan

    Called up HSBC, told the lady my card details might be compromised, she asked if its related to Sony Playstation, I said yes. She transfered me to Lost/Stolen, the guy canceled my card and issued me a replacement. I was asked if Ive checked my statement recently and found anything suspicious. Took 5mins Max! Easy Peezy!

  • Wriggers

    I contacted Barclays this evening, told them the situation, the lady on the phone was helpful, said she was aware of the issue with Sony, I requested to cancel my card and order a replacement, she did all that for me then requested what my biggest fear was, i said fraud and charges against my account not made by me.

    she subsequently transferred me to Barclaycard at my request to cancel that too and get a replacement, after requesting a replacement, the bloke on the phone said was i aware of identity theft, quoted several facts etc and the cost (after asking) 20minutes of explaining as i’m too nice i said no firmly and ended the call.

    Looks like this is a money making scheme for the banks to cash in on at the moment also, selling to the paranoid, i check my accounts, vary my passwords. The chap asked on the phone why i was saying no and i said i wasn’t interested and he proceeded to ask why, i said (as all british, i wanna sleep on it) and he said well why don’t you want it, i was like look man i don’t want it, goodbye.

    My cards (due to the bank holidays) should eventually come through in about 4-6 days, thats a long time without plastic!

  • Andy

    I was a victim of card fraud last year, someone managed to get hold of my card details (Barclays) and they went on a spending spree. Barclays were very good in dealing with it. They got the money back into my account pretty quickly, changed my cards, passwords, etc. I believe they put the money back into my account at their loss and then went after whoever took it. I’ve no idea whether they ever found them.

    Card fraud doesn’t worry me anywhere near as much as identity theft.

  • Adam

    Went to Natwest yesterday – The guy I spoke to had only heard about this on the radio but nothing else. He advised probably no need to order a new card and to track my transactions regularly and if anything fraudulent was to happen then I would be refunded.

    Reading some of the comments here perhaps I should cancel my card just to be on the safe-side because prevention is better than the cure as they say!

    When ever I make a purchase with on-line I always have to put in 3 random digits of my password so don’t know if this would help prevent any fraudulent purchases or not.

  • Gary

    I spoke to Barclays yesterday. Their line was that they are in contact with Sony and that there was no need to change my card details until they have more information and release a statement. They advised to check statements regularly for fraudulent activity. If there is any they will deal with it through their normal fraud procedures, which on previous experience is very good.