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PSN getting time-twisting shooter

PSN getting time-twisting shooter


24 Caret Games, a new studio set up by a small group of ex-Ratchet & Clank developers, has announced Retro/Grade for PSN on the official PlayStation Blog. The side scrolling shooter has all the colour, excitement and challenge you would expect from the genre, only you play it in reverse. You will play as intergalactic hero Rick Rocket whose deeds have saved the universe, but have also caused a temporal rift sending time spinning backwards.

24 Caret says that Retro/Grade actually plays more like a rhythm game than anything else as you look to collect your bullets while dodging the ones coming from behind you. It will apparently be playable with a guitar controller if you want to go the full rhythm hog. Anyway, check out this vid to see what this all means for yourself.

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