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PSN Down This Evening, For “SOME REASON”


Those of us who are unable to attend Gamescom may want to drown our collective sorrows in a long, hard bout of gaming. This, of course, often involves a trip to the PlayStation Network to see what treats we can download to keep us occupied for a few more hours. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to this evening. But wait! There’s a good reason for this…

For you see, the PSN downtime just happens to be the exact time that Sony will be holding their press conference in Cologne, from 5pm to 7pm (GMT) this evening. Now we’re not ones to get on board with baseless speculation or mindless conjecture, but does this mean something? Is this a massive coincidence? Or is there about to be a life-changing, mood-altering, laughter-detecting announcement of uber-ultra proportions?

No, probably not. That was a huge exaggeration, sorry. There’s bound to be something though, so we’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled, as well as waiting for field reports from Play’s very own Nick and Jon which will be popping up all over NowGamer.com (and hopefully right here, if they remember).

In the meantime, don’t worry if your PSN account doesn’t work. It’ll be back to normal soon enough. And it might even have spangly new features – who knows?

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