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PS4 Announced At E3 2012? Sounds A Bit Too Soon.

PS4 Announced At E3 2012? Sounds A Bit Too Soon.

PS4 will be announced at E3 2012, if rumours posted over on MCV are to be believed. They have their sources – ones they trust – and who am I to say they’re wrong? Noone, that’s who.

But it doesn’t stop me from thinking that Sony announcing PS4 at E3 would be a bit… soon. A bit unnecessary. Unless the console is shown with a release date of 2014 at the earliest, I can’t help but think it won’t be the quantum leap we all (“I”) want. Let me explain some points.

As we stand, right now, we’re on the cusp of a few technological breakthroughs and the propagation of existing newish technologies is on the tipping point where they’re going to become viable and widely used.

But right now, they’re not.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are pretty much the future of hard drives. They’re available now, but they’re expensive, with the best deals working out at about £1 per gigabyte. That’s not cheap. I would fully expect any next-gen console to take advantage of the faster, better storage available with SSD technology, but right now it’s still a bit too expensive for it to be plausible.

Then there are things like optical media – Sony is likely to stick with Blu-ray, but what about the next generation of discs? Holographic technology and suchlike? Wait a few years and they could introduce it as a new standard, as the company is wont to do. Introduce PS4 this year and it’ll be same old, same old.

There are some other things, too, that strike me as a bit odd – a bit premature – if Sony is to announce PS4 at E3 this year.

I’m not saying it won’t announce the console, and I’m not saying it would be wrong to. It just feels… too soon.

Still, it gives us an E3 2012 to really look forward to.

[image by Tai Chiem]

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  • stephen

    that wud mean it wud be a 2013 release, bring it on i say

  • Sid

    ps3 is only starting to hit its stride, its too soon for the ps4, unless the ps4 could play ps3 games (backwards compatible) then I am happy for the announcement of ps4 😀

  • Hutton121

    I’m a bit on the fence with this one.
    I would love to see a new machine from Sony, I think any gamer would, but the ps3 is still holding its own with regards graphics and function and with DLC so available it’s hard to see why they would bother until they could roll out something that would knock your socks off.
    But the late release of the PS3 compared to the xbox was a kick in the balls, and I doubt Sony will want to play catch up again, even though the Xbox doesn’t come with Blu Ray etc.
    And you can rest assured that Microsoft with be hard at work on their next pile of crap (cheap shot)

  • shaun

    I agree with Hutton, i cant help but feel that sony are just trying to get out another console before microsoft and i believe they cant really offer anything outstanding or much different than what we already have now. It does seem that sony would rather have microsoft play catch up this time, but it may come back to bite them in the end.
    But also if you guys remember when ps3 hit the market blu-ray was massivly expensive but sony still put it in there even at the cost of losing money on each machine hoping it would pay off in the long run, well it wouldnt be to far of leap to say they may also do that with the SSD hard drives, i mean we all know sony, if they think something is the future then they will almost certainly make it a part ps4, after all microsoft will be looking for that one thing that ps4 WONT have just like blu-ray last time round microsoft wont want a repeat of that but with SSD this time, so i would say SSD will almost certainly be in the next xbox and sony wont want to be left behind.

  • shaun

    That said, nintendo will probarbly come out with no hard drive, dreamcast tech and still pull it out the bag, all with that little smirk that sony and microsofts tech packed machines would love to wipe from the wii.