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PS4 And OnLive Possible, But Should We Care?

PS4 And OnLive Possible, But Should We Care?

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PlayStation 4 could get itself in on the OnLive cloud gaming action – that is, if the stars align, deals are struck, infrastructure is put in place (on PS4’s side) and everyone signs on the dotted lines that matter so much. But would you even want that?

Personally I don’t think it would be a bad idea. Far from it. PS4 with OnLive functionality would be a very interesting prospect indeed, and – I think – it would add to the overall experience of owning a console a great deal.

But is there much point? OnLive is available on iPad, Android, PC, miscellaneous, others, all of the above – everything already. Is there even any need to wang it in a PlayStation 4 just to tick another box? I don’t know. But then I am talking from the perspective of someone who already owns the requisite equipment necessary to play OnLive.

Those who don’t have the tools already? They’re rare, but they will exist. And then there’s the fact that things being available everywhere already doesn’t preclude it from being a welcome addition to a console’s line-up (see: iPlayer, 4OD and, to a lesser extent, ITV’s on-demand service).

Basically I’ve come to the conclusion in writing these musings that OnLive on PS4 – in fact, OnLive on PS3 – would be a Very Good Thing. More accessibility to more games can never be anything but, as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, you might have differing opinions – and you should TALK ABOUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.

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  • Sid

    I like this idea, you could have an application for onlive, although you could also put sony exclusives on there (Only on the PS4 App though). I would find this very useful, and I fully support it!

  • Joey

    I’m afraid of the PS4. Economically it would be a dick move by Sony to realise it any time soon as not only I but the majority of other Playstation users would have to remortgage their houses several times to afford one any time in the next few years. Europe’s in the shitter and we’re a big market for them one would think? It’d be like trying to sell an iMac to a hobo (sitting in a soft warm cushion of various bodily fluids, senile and deranged) Especially as the PS3’s getting better and better and, I feel, not yet reached it’s prime.
    Would I be a raving lunatic by hoping for the PS4 to be released about 2015ish?