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PS3D functionality to arrive via firmware update


(Just imagine this image JUMPING OUT OF THE SCREEN)

Recent firmware updates may have brought with them such incredible additions as ‘half-baked Facebook integration’ and ‘compatibility and stability upgrades’ and you would think it couldn’t get much better than it is. Well, it can. Sony have revealed that the PS3 will be upgradeable, via firmware, to incorporate 3D technology. Though still no word on cross-game chat.

The announcement came about as a part of a Sony earnings reports, tucked away in the part about ‘5 Key Advantages of PlayStation 3’. The presentation said Sony intended to “release 3D games in line with Sony’s 3D strategy” and added the little fact-nugget to set our minds at ease: “all PS3 units will be firmware upgradeable to 3D”.

This will obviously require a 3DTV to function properly and it isn’t exactly going to pop up next week, but it’s still an interesting concept. As long as it’s a free addition we don’t have to use, we’re fine with it and excited to see what it can do.

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