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PS3 Slim Sells A Lot. A LOT.


Do you own a PS3 Slim yet? Because if sales figures of Sony’s new tiny behemoth are anything to go by, you probably do. Actually that’s a massive exaggeration, but sales figures for the PS3 have increased by more than 1000 per cent since last week, outselling both the Wii and 360 by a ratio of 3:1.

Unfortunately we don’t have concrete UK figures right now, but some detective work has been going on all over the net (Gamezine, for example) which has placed the numbers at around the 41,000 mark.  Not a bad effort, it has to be said.

Figures elsewhere in the world have been more forthcoming, with Slim sales clocking up 37,000 in France and a rather ridiculous 15,000 per cent increase to more than 150,000 in Japan – a record-breaking amount of PS3s shifted for our Far Eastern chums, outstripping even the launch week sales.

How long this initial burst will last we do not know, but the combination of a new console and cheaper price point has clearly proved too much temptation for hundreds of thousands of people out there. US figures haven’t been released, though, and could prove to be hilariously low (we reckon they won’t, we’re just speculating).

Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of momentum the PS3 needs to build in order to take over the wooorrrrllllld! Muahahahahaaaa! Or something.

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  • dave moore

    yes,thats good news but how many 360s sold since its reduction?.that can’t have helped.

  • supermarioex

    I am going to be getting a new PS3 and the new PS3 slim is just what I needed. To bad there is no backwards compatibility.