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‘PS3 Slim’ on sale

A tourist visiting the Philippines has shot this video of what appears to be a slim PS3 on sale at a flea market. The video is shot on an ‘ancient’ phone by someone who was clearly too excited to hold it still while examining the hardware. Even so, we still get a half-decent look at it, and it looks like it could be the real thing. Oh, except as we all know there’s absolutely no such thing as a slim PS3. Honest there isn’t.
The proof isn’t in the casing of course. There could be anything inside there. Probably a NES. Or some sand. Whatever it really is, it has a 120GB hard drive and buttons instead of those weird touch pads that makes it feel like you’re stroking your PS3 inappropriately. It was on sale for 20,000 pesos (about £250).

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  • I still can’t decide wether to get the ps3 bundles now or wait for the ps3 slim to release. I wonder if it’s gonna be better or worse than the normal ps3 and it does seem suspicious that suddenly sony is trying to clean up the ps3 shelves with those tempting bundles. What do u think?