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PS3 Slim on sale now


Yes, you read that right – you won’t have to wait until September to pick up a PS3 Slim as you can march into a shop and purchase one right now. Though only in a few stores, and only (so far, at least) in America.

Reports have been flying in from all over the US that the likes of Best Buy and Gamestop have decided to release the Slim early and capitalise on the interest in the new, smaller console. While Sony may have wanted a controlled release, a launch event and to drum up a bit more anticipation for the launch, it looks like this isn’t going to happen. We reckon many more retailers will follow suit, just because they don’t want to lose out on the initial rush.

As there is no official street date on the console – just a release date – retailers technically aren’t doing anything naughty. Plus it’s only a week or so early, so it’s not the hugest news around, but we do know how some people just love to be the first to get things, so we thought we’d give you a prompt.

Now to check if we can get one anywhere in the UK…

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