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PS3 Slim and firmware 3.0 out now


You may have already been able to pick up a shiny new PS3 Slim from a few retailers lacking a full stock of scruples, but today is the official, proper, bona fide day that Sony’s new console hits store shelves. And we’re hearing it’s selling like particularly well-heated buns, with some retailers imposing limits on how many customers can buy, thus stopping the inevitable rush to eBay that accompanies every single console launch in recent memory.

Scouring around it looks as if most retailers are sticking to the £249.99 price tag, though Tesco are obviously undercutting the competition and letting Slims go for £229 (£239 as of next week). Elsewhere, the discounts aren’t so pronounced, with Amazon knocking a phenomenal three pence off the RRP. Ah well – beggars/choosers and all that.

The launch of the Slim goes hand-in-hand with firmware 3.0 going live, bringing with it a whole host of new features to make the XMB shinier, faster, better and fill it with things like avatars and dynamic themes. We’re at work, so we haven’t been able to download it yet – reports on functionality would be more than welcome in our Comments section. Is it shiny enough? What do the avatars do? Does the new PS3 logo fill you with glee? We need to know.

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  • David

    I’m not that impressed with 3.0 yet (I say yet because moving themes aren’t avaliable untill the store updates). I don’t like how your friends have large grey borders around them and the blue section of ‘what’s new’ seems a little pointless. Also, I ever so slightly prefer the old logos, but not enough to really care. However, in the grand scheme of things these are small complaints that are out weighed by the vast improvement of loading speeds.

  • The Slim is ugly as hell, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll.