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PS3 Owners Are Insane, Apparently

PS3 Owners Are Insane, Apparently

So, are you? You, individually – you, right there, using your eyes to pull meaning from this collection of shapes. Are you insane? Because according to a lot of the internet I’ve been reading, if you’re a PS3 owner then you are very much certifiable.

From the day the PSN went down, the reactions of the gaming public were… interesting. Fair, in some respects – we had just had our personal information stolen, apparently, and Sony wasn’t exactly forthcoming with details. At least not initially. It was a confusing time. It still is.

But the reactions were a bit ‘special’, to be honest. Screaming rage, cries that people will never trust Sony again and that it’s all over – the world is ending. It seems the lack of ability to play Black Ops online, as well as the inability to give Sony more of your money and being unable to stream some crap with Dane Cook in it made a lot of loudmouthed imbeciles decide to tell the world they were ‘done’ with Sony.

Okay then. Fair enough. Do as you will, live you life according to your decisions. But please, first, can I suggest some perspective? You weren’t able to play games for less than a month. You’re being compensated for the lack of a free service, even though there’s unlikely to be any legal precedent for this gesture from Sony. As far as we’re aware, nobody has yet had their identity stolen – that might still happen, but just yet it hasn’t. Same for credit card details. Any news or individual saying there have been thefts of ID or cashmoney has been… questionable at best. So you missed out on online gaming for less than a month, nothing has come of details apparently being stolen (as of right now) and nobody died.

Stop whining. Take it on the chin, and move on. I mean, obviously I’m selling my PS3 for a 360, but that’s different

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  • kev schmit

    Im clearly of a sane mind and i never once went overboard over the whole playstation network being down. unlike most gamers out there who screamed their heads off and kept repeating the line “im gonna sell my ps3 and buy a 360” . However a do resent the fact that people are now saying that ps3 owners are mentally ill because of the network being down because i think its far from that. Now if you excuse me i have to go walk my ginger turtle down the yellow brick road before it starts raining chipmunks.

  • Scrum

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t read this article through the limbs of dismembered people I’m slowly murdering.
    Wait, I was playing my PS3. Same thing, really.

  • Garan

    These are words of wisdom.I shall retweet this!

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    It’s not the gamers’ fault if they got a bit upset.

    They were just frightened after being forced to step outside and be blinded by the light of the giant ball of fire hanging in the sky.

    Poor mole-eyed, milky-skinned little sods…

  • DO’G

    Tbh i wasn’t that upset about the PSN being down, i was just upset that their security was better and it took them so long to get it backup and tell us about the stolen details, yes i have lost some faith in SONY, but i wouldn’t sell it to buy a XB*X.
    ANyway i have drawn up plans to take over sony, well it was my PS3 -called marvin- that came up with the plans, i’m just his minion. We have actually created a device where by we can comand all PS3’s- well he has, he just orders me about.

    *whispers* i’m scared of my PS3 i think it hates all humans and wants to kill me, don’t tell him i said that *whispers*

  • wisemanthree

    I wouldn’t switch to the Xbox even if it was holding me down threatening to inject me with an AIDS-riddled hypodermic.

    …..I kind of wish I hadn’t typed that now, I have probably given Microsoft an idea for their next Kinect release.

    Waa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaa