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PS3 needs Mass Effect, Mass Effect needs PS3

PS3 needs Mass Effect, Mass Effect needs PS3


I’ve just spent a long weekend playing Mass Effect 2. Yes – that means I was playing on my 360. I can only apologise. But when it comes to playing one of the best action-RPGs ever made, you have to make a stand and play a game on whatever you can, even if it is disloyal of me as a committed PlayStationite. And this is why I must add my voice to the pile of those that demand the Mass Effect series should make its way to PS3.

Alright, so it’s not the only reason, as format loyalty is about as logical as remaining faithful to a brand of paint (Dulux til I die!). No, this is more about the fact that Mass Effect 1 and 2 deserve to be enjoyed by the gaming community as a whole, and the fact that we don’t have them in PS3 World is a constant irritant when trying to wax lyrical about the series to non 360-owning friends (and those who don’t own gaming PCs, natch). I want to quiz them on who they left behind with the bomb; whether they were paragon, renegade or a filthy neutral; if they named their Shepard as hilariously as I did (Crispy Shepard: HERO OF THE UNIVERSE). But I can’t. They just don’t know, and it’s unfair.

Think about it though – a game made for use on a DVD-based console, which has so far used three DVDs in its series. That amount can easily fit on a single Blu-ray disc. Throw in the third game, out in the next couple of years – hopefully – and there’s probably still enough space for a few behind the scenes videos and blooper reels. There you have the perfect setup: on the release of Mass Effect 3, the PS3 gets a trilogy/collection pack. A premium price, all of the games in one place and I’m sure a hell of a lot of people who have finished the first two games willing to play through them again for the sake of obsessive completionist tendencies.

What’s stopping EA? Nothing, as far as we know. They are as big a fan of PS3 as any other publisher. So maybe it’s BioWare, who want to keep things exclusive to one console for the sake of… not… making money? There was an excuse with the release of the first game in that Microsoft Game Studios had a finger in the publishing rights pie (mmm, delicious publishing rights pie…), but this has since gone the way of the dodo. Now it’s a clear run – Han has knocked Vader out of the way and all Luke has to do is hit that exhaust vent.

Come on BioWare: use the force. Oh wait, wrong game. And I’m not even going to mention the source code in the game that made mention of PS3, oh no – not me.

We’re awaiting an announcement from BioWare on a few PS3 projects they have up their sleeve, and while we’re not betting men – we are hopeful ones. Don’t let us down, boys.

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