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PS3 Motion Controller Called Arc?

PS3 Motion Controller Called Arc?


For a while we though it would be the Sphere and then word came that it would be Gem, but now VG247 is reporting that the PlayStation 3 motion controller will be called Arc. This information comes from a confidential source according to the blog site, but is considered to be very solid. Sony has of course refused to comment on rumour and speculation.

“VG247 has it on good authority that Sony has named its PS3 Motion Controller ‘Arc’,” the site reported. “The information comes from a concrete source speaking under conditions of strict anonymity.” It was not all that long ago that EA CEO John Riccitiello outed the Gem codename for motion control forcing Sony to admit that was a working name used during its development, but not one that would remain in place for its launch.

Which brings us neatly to talk of release date. Originally there has been talk of a ‘Spring’ release for the technology narrowed down by Kaz Hirai to March 2010, but Sony is now only talking about a release “this year,” which would suggest it has been pushed back a little. Whether that means Sony is now targeting a head to head battle with Microsoft’s Natal at the end of the year is up for speculation and debate, neither of which Sony will be commenting on we imagine.

Via VG247

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