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PS3 Five Years Old In America

PS3 Five Years Old In America

PlayStation 3 was released in America five years ago today – do you remember the past? Back in 2006 things were very different: 360 games tended to come on one disc, Blu-rays were still really bloody expensive everywhere, we didn’t expect to see rumble in our sixaxis pads and most of the world was snorting derisively in the direction of Sony.

Well, that’s what it felt like.

I was one of the lucky few to get my hands on a launch US model of the PS3, working as I did in a specialist videogame retailer that simply had to have the new Fancy to put it in the shop window and lure unsuspecting marks… umm… ‘customers’… in.

What do you remember about first locking eyes on a PS3 in the flesh? My memory is one of ‘wow, that’s big’. Because it was. Even today, the fat PS3 is still massive and really heavy. I often forget how heavy it is when I go to pick one up and ferry it around the office.

Have any of you ever hurt yourselves carrying those damn things? I’ve come close.

But the main feeling of around that time was one that the PlayStation 3 was a true luxury item. This was backed up by its glossy sheen, the wealth of features included (built-in wi-fi!) and the fact it was really bloody expensive. People were paying £1,000+ to import US models, for Thor’s sake.

It would be a while until I actually got my own machine, when the UK release came about, and that told a different story. But the US release of the console, when we got one in my shop, brings back oddly warm memories. It’s just a chunk of plastic and metal, but it conjures up a bizarre fondness.

Still, Sonylol and all that.

What do you remember from all those five years ago?

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  • Damn only five years old …. I remember my best mate getting his a Japanese import and I thought OMG those things are huge, all that technology jammed into that thing was immense, then of course there was the insane notion that there was little this huge shiny new toy cannot do, it plays dvd, blu-ray, mp3 and most video formats, it was insane!! I fell in love of course the darn things been so expensive so I had to wait to get my hands on one for myself, kinda glad I did now I have the shiny slimline version that does almost as much!!

  • David

    I’ve got a 60GB model, and it isn’t as big as people make it out to be; compare it to an xbox or original 360 and it’s not actually that big for a launch console with a hard drive.

    I’ve got a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox and XBox 360, and out of all of them i’ve got more PS3 than anything else. However, I will said that whilst the PS3 is my favourite console to date, it’s also proving to be the most unreliable. I had to replace my original with a Sony refurbished model 2 years a go and last month my hard drive corrupted and was reformatted by my PS3. I did lose saves first time round, but fortunately not second time round.

    If I have anything to say about the PS3, it’s that it’s had some great moments and some horrible one’s. Sony, next time, improve reliability and don’t forget to put in features, such as split screen log ins and custom soundtracks, from the off.

  • DO’G

    tbh i didn’t get it that year but the christmas 2008. tbh i ALWAYS feel that the original ps1,2 and 3 looked better than there slim counterparts.

    My original ps3 broke down so i had to get a new slimmer version. which i don’t like :¬(