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PS3 cross-game chat in upcoming firmware update

PS3 cross-game chat in upcoming firmware update


The long-awaited addition of cross-game chat could finally be coming to PS3 with a new firmware update. While we all knew it was coming at some point, it’s been all but confirmed by a Naughty Dog developer over on the official PlayStation forums.

In a post that was swiftly deleted – though obviously not fast enough, as this is the internet and you cannot confuse it or make it forget – the developer, known as ReklissAbandon, wrote:

I think they wanted people to have fun and enjoy the show since all dead players can talk to each other no matter what team you are on. But I will suggest it anyway. Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross-game chat. So if players use that instead of in-game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies’ positions.

Sony has refused to be drawn on the subject, but surely now it’s only a matter of time until we get functionality that really should have been around from the beginning? We’ll let you know if and when anything is confirmed.

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  • David

    This is the one problem i have with PS3. If we had things like trophies, cross game chat, custom soundtracks, a split screen profile system (like 360, which is my current most wanted from firmware updates), in game xmb, etc. the PS3 would be near perfect and would probably sell even better than it has been doing. Plus every game would support these features rather than some.

    I love PS3 don’t get me wrong, but it’s shocking Sony haven’t done anything about these things or at least explained why they haven’t.

  • Rbl007

    it would be nice to have just to shut the damn 360 fanboys, myself personal couldn’t care less for it, i barly chat to the people on my friends list as it is.

    custom soudtracks would be nice and some games do have them, but sometime half the experence is what the music is doing to drive the story forward as well.

    what ever sony do i’ll most likey support them, as i really care about these little things that Xbots tell me that it’s worth buying, i only care abot what games i can play in the end

  • chopsueywarlord (psn)

    Ithink that this addition would officailly make the only diference between xbox live and psn the fact that psn is of course free. So as techically pointless as cross-game chat is, 1: its still cool, and 2: in terms of facts (something which 360 fanboys already lack), makes ps3 have everything plus more than 360. And on the subject of fanboys, will 360 fanboys ever give in? i know many that are now becoming neutral (as in no longer pathetically bias about what is, in the end, an electrical device). Because many still feel the need the insult the fact i have a ps3 and the feel that they should brag about how their 360s can now do facebook, big whoop, ps3 has an internet browser, and guess what, facebooks on the internet! Its truly pathetic now how the last few ps3 haters are still going strong, but running on nothing at all.
    Anyway sorry about the rant, but as a 17yr 6th form student i have just about matured enough to see beyond made up lies and fanboyisms, but still enjoy games a hell of a lot, my point is, cross game chat will insert the final piece of the ps3 online experience, psn is no longer playing catch up and we can now look forward to new and more original things!!!

  • Kevin

    and it’s private chat, so people won’t have to listen to people talking about the weather with their friends. Hopefully, it will be possible to switch channels relatively easily.. and to scramble chat between clients who are in the same game