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PS2 mentioned in same breath as PSN: world explodes


Are you waiting for the inevitable announcement of PS2 games coming to PSN? Well, wait some more! As no, we don’t actually have that announcement today. What we do have, though, is the mention of PS2 games while talking about PSN. This, frankly, is tantamount to an announcement as far as we’re concerned.

The non-announcement-but-something-that-piqued-our-interest came from PlayStation’s senior VP in America, Peter Dille, who said these words to IGN:

“We’re working really hard on it. We’re pushing the third-party community and evangelizing this as a terrific opportunity both commercially as well as from a brand perspective to keep people interested in some of these older IPs… From our side, we’re going through our own studio organization and trying to make sure all these old games are out there so that we can lead by example, but we’re also communicating with all the third-parties about the success of the Final Fantasy games, and other PS1 and PS2 classics. By all means, I think people can look for more of that because once the third-parties see how this works, it’s just found money. There’s not a whole lot of work that has to go into it and once we can get it up on the network, it finds an audience pretty quickly.”

Dille went on to say it was unlikely that many more full PS3 games would be added to PSN, but that the company was always looking to push digital distribution to the masses.

We do hope this PS2 thing turns out to be true, as the loss of backwards compatibility was a bad time in the PS3’s history. Plus it means there’s more likelihood you’ll be able to pick up the Cult Classics and Guilty Pleasures we talk about so much in the mag.

[via IGN]

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  • Dave Moore

    less ps3 games ?
    doesn’t that kinda destroy the idea of the psn?.

  • lDEFYl

    best move Sony has made for the PSN…4TW 🙂

  • Sweetjoy-SA

    I don’t like the idea of less ps3 games on PSN. I say the more the merriest

  • Rbl007

    some of the guys i’ve been talking to about this, and it only seculation, that it would be probly better that either sony or game dev do what GOW did with 1-2 on blueray for the ps3 plus trophies. only because the download for ps2 games are going to faily big and then your’ve got have the space for them on the HDD.

  • Dave Moore

    i have the gow collection and to me that makes more sense than filling the psn up with ps2 games and less ps3 ones.

  • Garan

    Mabye by “full Ps3 games” he means those you can download and buy on disc like GT prologue and not games like Burn zombie burn and Noby noby boy which are only downloadable.