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PS Vita: Stop Imagining It Has Problems

PS Vita: Stop Imagining It Has Problems

Vita isn’t dead yet, that much is clear. And would be stupid to claim, frankly. But it does seem to be slumbering somewhat heavily since its strong launch lineup came bursting out of the starting blocks.

When will it wake? Will it become the giant of handheld gaming we sort of expected it to? Speaking to 1UP, James Mielke, producer on Lumines Electronic Symphony, said these words with his mouth:

“The only thing that is going to hold Sony back from succeeding with the Vita is having the right games… And one of the benefits of working on the developer side in Japan is I know for a fact that they’ve got some games that, when they announce them, people are going to forget about all of the problems that they’re imagining with the Vita.”

Confident words no doubt, and he’s surely not going to be feeding us all porkie pies*. But right now what we – what gamers in general – need is more than vague reassurances from a producer.

We need announcements. Clarification. Confirmation. We need to be explicity told what’s coming out and when, or we’re going to continue to lose interest in Vita.

It’s not dead. Vita is nowhere near even being mildly ill – it’s too young for that. But it’s already being forgotten about simply because there’s nothing to talk about; nothing to get excited about beyond a few ‘launch window’ titles and the spectre of upcoming big releases like Call Of Duty and Bioshock.

We’re sure we’re not alone in wanting to “forget about all the problems with Vita”, but right now we’re not being given many concrete reasons to forget them.

*For the benefit of our non-British readers, this means “lies” and is named after the most delicious foodstuff in the world.

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  • James H

    I love my Vita – my daily 2 hour commute is now a breeze with a mix of Wipeout, Escape Plan, Fifa, Virtua Tennis and Super Stardust. In fact, if anything, there are just too many good games since I haven’t even got around to buying Everybody’s Golf and Uncharted yet.