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PS Motion Control is ‘Move’

PS Motion Control is ‘Move’


Sony has used its keynote address at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco to name its motion controller and the name is PlayStation Move. The technology was first revealed at E3 last year and speculation has been rife as to what the final product will be  called. Some suggested Gem, others Arc, but Move was settled upon.

The announcement was somewhat spoiled by a European trademark application for Europe that was discovered yesterday before the event that showed Sony was registering Move. Sony really isn’t getting any better at keeping its announcements secret.

Anyway, Sony is naturally proud of its latest addition to the PlayStation family. “Previous motion devices have used controller simply as pointer of mouse — ours becomes an extension of your body,” said Sony’s Peter Dille at GDC. “We’re approaching this like a virtual platform launch.”

It was also confirmed that the Move will have a ‘nunchuk’ style add-on known for the moment as the sub-controller (sounds a little too much like the Fat Controller’s deputy in Thomas The Tank Engine). No official pricing was announced, but plenty of games were and we’ll be rounding those up shortly.

Via Kotaku

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  • Move…Hmmm…. Not in love with it. But don’t hate it either. Sorta just neutral on it. So to review, Sony payed a brand consulting company millions for impact studies to get a Hmmm … just neutral on it response. Of course that is just us.