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Prey 2: Why I Care

Prey 2: Why I Care

“Isn’t it just Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter? Except starring Sam Fisher? And nothing like the first game?” And thus it is proven that nobody in the world cares about Prey 2. At least, that’s a basic summation of what the general feel seems to be. Mainly without the Mace Griffin part, as that’s a more obscure reference. Anyway, it gives me reason to disagree with assumed popular opinion, so there you go.

I actually think Prey 2 looks really rather pleasant to the eye, as well as sounding like quite an interesting prospect as a game. Yeah, I went there – I’m such a renegade of opinionismness.

So it’s a fairly radical departure from the first game. We’re losing the Native American protagonist in favour of a Johnny All Heroes non-faced void of a character. The portals are, apparently, gone, meaning that whole ‘mind-bending and quite interesting’ aspect of the original is also gone. But it’s been replaced with an open bounty hunting alien world of opportunity.

So I’m happy. Because that sounds interesting. And seeing as I know about as much as you do about the game right now, that’s pretty much all I can say.

Anyway, back to reading rolling news about the riots.

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