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Pre-orders: They’re Weird

Pre-orders: They’re Weird

Do you pre-order? You probably do if you’re a gamer. You probably did anyway in the past – just so you could get things first, just so you could get them delivered, just so you could guarantee yourself the new console.

But nowadays you have even more reason to pre-order – bonuses, instore credit, extra games, download codes, free hats (I’ve never seen free hats, but I assume there will be free hats somewhere).

I pre-order. Mainly consoles – I’m about to pre-order my Vita as I am a massive Sony fanboy (and I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen and played of it so far). I’ll shop around, make the decision probably based more on who’s more likely to get it to me on launch day than who’s offering the most pointless extras. I used to use Woolworths for this, I feel the need to point out for no real reason.

But do you pre-order anywhere else? Do you pre-order movies, or music, or books, or cars, or houses, or toys, or new flavours of milkshake, or anything other than games?

I think I’ve pre-ordered one film ever, and I have no idea what it was. I’ve pre-ordered one book and that was the other day (Picnicface’s Canada). Other things? I don’t think I have. There’s no culture of it. No reward for doing it, true – but also no real need.

No real point here, just something that popped into my head after reading this here. Something that makes a bit of a landmark, as it’s something written by Brian Ashcraft that I actually agree with.

Do you pre-order? Why? Why not? Is it just games and gaming-related tat, or have you pre-ordered Ikea furniture (or anything else) before? Speek youre branes below.

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  • Svennis

    I pre-order, or should I say my missus does. I spend a fair amount on games, especially in the Sept to Nov glut of top games. Over the past couple of months I have bought Deus Ex, Dead Island, Fifa 12, F1 2011, BF3, Rage & Batman AC. My missus accepts my extravagant gaming habit as long as I let her do the buying. For example she pre-ordered BF3 for £30 and got 3 pairs of boxer shorts for free as part of the deal. She’s a demon at finding the best deals and would have a heart attack if I just went to Game and paid £40-£45. I just give her the list, highlighting which I want pre-ordered (multiplayer) and which ones I will wait for (single player) if she can’t get it for £30. The free hats/guns etc do not in any way persuade me. Obviously if there are 2 versions available for the same price I will get the one with the free hats. I would never pay more for extra for a pre-order bonus.

  • Pip Fox

    I got a free Fatal Fury trucker hat when I preordered King of Fighters: Maximum Impact on the PS2 back in the day. I still look at it and wish it wasn’t a trucker hat and more of a baseball cap.

  • Mr.John

    I only pre-order albums (that is, in music, I only ever buy albums, and never download stuff really). I pre-ordered the new Summer Camp and M83 albums recently, but only because I already knew they were going to be wonderful (they are, and I am obtaining some nice extras with the Summer Camp one).
    I never pre-order games for the same reason that I never buy them when they are just released, because they are too expensive. For some reason I am fine at just £30 (or a little bit more), but I will never pay a whole £40 for any video game. Not even Skyrim which, judging by how I am still playing Oblivion even though I’ve had it for four years now and done everything, it will be worth the price.