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Portal 2 On PS3 Bigger Than FFXIII On Xbox 360?

Portal 2 On PS3 Bigger Than FFXIII On Xbox 360?

Portal2It’s odd how the biggest E3 announcements no longer seem to be about exclusives being gained so much as lost, but it can’t be denied that the back and forth of exclusivity this generation has tended to offer the biggest headlines. Yesterday was no different as it was revealed that Portal 2 would be coming to PlayStation 3 despite the assumption that it would be a Xbox 360 and PC only title. The size of the announcement brought to mind Microsoft’s capture of Final Fantasy XIII at E3 2008.

This got me to thinking about which could be considered the bigger announcement (calling it an achievement would perhaps be overstating things). Both have marked significant shifts in influence and status, both came as welcome surprises. It could be argued that both have marked important milestones in the perception and momentum of each console too.

Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox was huge. This series, long associated with the PlayStation was always an important hardware shifting title and Square Enix bringing it to the 360 essentially confirmed the Xbox brand as the new force in gaming. FFXIII couldn’t afford to not be on the Xbox 360 given its user base in North America and the UK. It was almost as if the winner of the next-gen war was being crowned. Almost. What it really marked was a levelling out of the playing field as Microsoft and Sony suddenly became equals.

Portal 2 isn’t likely to be a hardware pusher and it’s not a series in any way associated with exclusivity on a single platform, but I would argue that its impact is bigger and here’s why. Valve’s dislike of the PS3 has been well known for a long time. The first Portal, packaged with the Orange Box was ported by EA, not by Valve. Valve disliked the hardware structure. It said it was too complex to design for. Now, it claims that PS3 will have the best version of Portal 2.

Since PS3 is still behind Xbox 360 in terms of user base we can perhaps discount the financial argument to some degree (although an extra platform will mean additional sales). Calling the Sony version the best implies better hardware, better service and a better relationship than Valve has elsewhere. It implies that this decision was made for creative reasons rather than financial. And that strikes me as a much more positive reason to branch out.

For me Portal 2 coming to PS3 is bigger that FFXIII going to the Xbox 360 because it says the PS3 is the console of the game designer. It says the PS3 is the console where developers have freedom to create better titles than elsewhere. It also restates something we’ve known for a while – The PS3 is the console with momentum and its only going to get better.

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  • LOL


    My God give me some of that java you’re drinking!
    **Edited for poor language choices**

  • Mark

    Definitely not, Portal was always multiplat. Final Fantasy was a previously exclusive franchise.

    And sorry PS3 kids, you don’t get to love Valve after all the hate you gave them, even “professional” sites.

  • Shqype

    @ Mark:

    Final Fantasy was a previously “exclusive” franchise? How do you explain that the first Final Fantasy game I ever owned, Final Fantasy 7, was on the PC? Same with Final Fantasy 8? And the ones after them were on Gameboy and other Nintendo platforms? And Final Fantasy XI was on PC and Xbox, NOT Playstation?

    The Final Fantasy franchise has been on four different “types” of platforms: not only Sony platforms, but Microsoft (Xbox/360) platforms, Nintendo platforms, and the PC.

    So if you claim that Portal was “always multiplat” because it released on the PC as well (same with almost every Xbox ‘exclusive’ even worth mentioning), then that automatically makes Final Fantasy “always multiplat” since it not only started on a non-Sony platform, but has been on four different types of platforms as well.

    It’s easy to talk, but please refrain from doing so unless you know the facts.

    Final Fantasy 13 going to Xbox 360 was definitely a “megaton announcement,” but it is one that some of us saw coming. Final Fantasy is the bigger franchise when compared to Portal, so it is definitely bigger in that sense. However, the news of Portal 2 coming to PS3 (and being touted as the superior version by the very developer who always expressed his malcontent for the platform) is bigger than Square Enix porting FF13 to the 360.

    Square Enix wanted to increase sales, and the best way to do that, they felt, was to bring FF13 to Xbox. However, when Gabe Newell and Valve seemingly trash-talk the PS3 at every opportunity, and make no effort to bring their games on that platform (Orange Box was ported by EA), it becomes a shocker that NOBODY expected to see Gabe Newell walk onto the stage during Sony’s conference and apologize for his previous misdeeds. He essentially admitted he was wrong the whole time and announced his support for the Playstation 3.

    If people don’t hate him now it’s because he has grown out of his former Xbox fanboy self, atoned for his sins, and is ready to embrace a fanbase he mistakenly offended after apologizing for his past.

  • solid snake

    Personally you two are acting like fanboys so grow the hell up & gabe newell finally stop making excuses & realised how wrong he was about playstation 3 & now he’s eating some humble pie but atleast he manned up & lost his ignorance towards playstation 3 now let’s what can do from here on out.

  • Volomon

    I’m kind of surprise that other people were surprised by FF’s announcement the entire time before the announcement and up to a year they were saying as well as Sony saying that previously exclusive games would be turning to multiplatform in order to make the most money due to the increased costs of development.

    So…to me this is a FAR FAR bigger surprise because of all the hate Valve had spewed onto the PS3. I read statements made by him up to this point we all knew or least anyone paying attention knew that Valve was coding for the PS3 in house instead of outsourcing it. This marked Gabes turn I don’t know about a year or two ago? So again no surprise here either.

    The only real surprise is that Gabe is so enamored with the fact that PS3 is so open and willing to accept it as the TRUE LEADING platform for designers. <- That coming out of his mouth was the biggest surprise nothing else. I would never in one hundred million years think I would hear Gabe say that, and him saying has made me all the more embrace Steamworks.

  • Joel

    Boo to long comments

  • Mark

    Final Fantasy WAS s Sony franchise kiddo, get YOUR facts straight. FF was a Playstation series for over a decade, everyone *pancaked* their collective *table mats* when Yoichi Wada came on stage and announced FF for 360, NOBODY saw it coming.

    You’re too blind to admit it.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • tokyobassist

    you’re so *maple syprupy*. get over it. why can’t an unbiased PS3 owner like myself enjoy Portal 2? quit being an idiot nobody cares about your opinion since you don’t even know your facts. FF released over 6 entries on a Nintendo consoles and many remakes on the DS and GBA as well as the big entries on the Playstation.

    Seems like your the only one blinded by fanboy *pancake*. Know your role
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • Mark

    ^ Keep pretending FF wasn’t a cornerstone of the Sony lineup for over a decade *pancake*, stuff like Crystal Chronicles isn’t part of the main franchise.

    You’re the same crybaby morons who were in tears at E3, signing petitions and cursing Square’s name for betraying you. Enough with the *pancakey* damage control.
    **edited for poor language choices**