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Portal 2 Announcement At GDC?

Portal 2 Announcement At GDC?


After Valve updated the Steam version of Portal with new radio transmissions and a new achievement, sleuthing Steam forum users have been finding all sorts of interesting things like images and a clue pointing towards an an announcement perhaps at GDC next week.

Hidden in among the updates users are finding what is believed to be heavily distorted concept art for Portal 2, a sequel that we’ve known for some time was a possibility. Fans are also pointing out that GLaDOS, everyone’s favourite sociopathic AI, is designated V3.11 and should Valve choose that as a pointer it could announce the sequel March 11. It just so happens that on March 11 Valve’s head honcho Gabe Newell will be accepting a Pioneer Award at GDC.

Could the planets be aligning themselves? Not long to wait to find out.

Via VG247

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  • Garan

    Will PS3 even get it,because Valve is pretty pro 360.

  • Rayne

    valve is not working with ps3 anymore, so probably not.