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POLL – Greatest original game soundtracks

POLL – Greatest original game soundtracks


Any game’s soundtrack is important. As important, in Play’s opinion, as the game itself. In fact we’d go as far as to say that its intrinsic to the overall quality of the game and it’s no coincidence that many of the world’s greatest ever games have featured the greatest soundtracks.

We’re interested what you have to say, so please join in and list your top five original PlayStation game soundtracks below. We’ll then compile you list into one mega list and write a blog feature about it. Get involved!

In the meantime, and to give you some ideas, here are the Play team’s greatest soundtracks of all time.

Katamari Damacy
“The Katamari soundtracks are the only game soundtracks I actually listen to when not playing the game itself and the Katamari Damacy one is the best. Thinking about it, I’ve never even played the game, as it never came out here in the UK. I love how it encompasses so many genres and I love how happy it all sounds.”

Beyond Good & Evil
“It’s complex, haunting, evocative and all that other gubbins used to describe an atmospheric soundtrack to a genuinely brilliant game. Hopefully the rumoured sequel’s music will be just as good.”

Final Fantasy VII
“In a word: beautiful. The themes and anthems in Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack live long in the memory, just thinking abour them now transports me back to the world of Aeris and Cloud and materia and battles with Weapon. The music which accompanies the final battle with Sepiroth is just astonishing. It’s just a shame about that terrible reggae music.”

“Rez’s interactive music design is like nothing else around. The gameplay and music interweave and overlap brilliantly, building, layering and expanding the experience with every moment.”

Parappa The Rapper
“This early rhythm-action game has an awesome soundtrack. Such ace lyrics as “When I say boom, boom, boom, you say bam, bam, bam,” are rapped by a dog in a hat – who couldn’t love it?”

Remember, this is a poll that celebrates original game soundtracks so that rules out your GTAs, your Tony Hawk’s, your Guitar Heroes… basically anything which contains music taken from any sources. Now give us your list!

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  • Mr Biscuits

    metal gearsolid, call of duty 4, tomb raider 1, everyday shooter,uncharted

  • Iggypoop

    What the hell’s the thing in the pictures

  • mitchy18boii

    Shadow of the colossus. End of.

  • Chris

    Metal gear solid and assassins creed

  • lDEFYl

    How can anyone forget the amazing Silent Hill soundtracks?
    I will always love the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks as well, mainly because it’s my favorite video game franchise…all of the other game soundtracks mentioned here I agree with, also.

  • Ahmad Makki

    DeusEx All the way

  • Motorstorm: pacific rift.

  • Dave Moore

    what happened to david whitaker?

  • rugbynut

    1. original Street Fighter 2/Super Street fighter 2 turbo hd remix (remix of original songs)
    2. MGS
    3. FF7
    4. GTA San Andreas

  • rugbynut

    GTA had opening theme songs which were original so my post still counts 😛

  • DBZ24

    its hard its either FFvii or FFX???
    even though FF7 is the greatest game ever created i think FF10s’ sound track was just amazing. tidus theme was beautiful. every thing about that games was. But the sound track was just brilliant.

  • opiumgod

    cant think of one for the psx at the moment but… for the ps2 i think scarface has got a pretty good soundtrack

  • caizero

    mgs2 got to be the best and also battlefield bad company