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Point-Counterpoint: Will Home live up to the hype?

Chris says…

Chris Reynolds

I reckon Home is going to be the real deal. Sure, there are hundreds of online games lobbies out there, but they’re all specific to certain games, and there are loads of game-related internet forums and chat rooms, but they’re limited by their interfaces. Home will be the first interactive and immersive gateway to a whole platform of videogames, and the first interactive world in which all kinds of gamers can meet, socialise, and, most importantly, play videogames. Home’s concept, at its most basic, is absolutely brilliant, and then there’s all the value-added features. Users will be able to customise their avatar with all manner of gaming accoutrements that have been created by videogame developers, from Final Fantasy swords to Nathan Drake ‘half-tuck’ T-shirts, not too mention all of the mini-games, virtual cinemas and extra game interconnectivity. Home will be the most fertile and vibrant stage for gamer culture that we’ve ever seen, and unlike Xbox Live, it will be all for free!

Samuel says…

Samuel Roberts

If Sony couldn’t even get the SingStore right, then it’s not going to have integrated cinemas into Home, is it? Everyone who believes that Home is going to be some kind of interactive online utopia is living in a dream world of their own: Home, unfortunately, is going to be dogged by slowdown, technical problems and the same lack of content that continues to plague the PlayStation Store. Chris may be thrilled by the idea of owning Nathan Drake’s T-shirt, but I think it’s just a poor way to compensate for the lack of Achievement points on the PlayStation 3. Most developers won’t even care about Home – and the ones that will, like Naughty Dog, would have been forced to integrate content by those who crack the whip at Sony. As such, I remain a cynic. I don’t want to see it fail, but I just can’t see Sony making the best out of it. The community aspect will merely descend into trolling, as is evident with any internet forum you care to visit.


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