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PlayStation Store Back Online

PlayStation Store Back Online

But we don’t recommend you visit just yet because there are a few kinks that still need to be ironed out before we fully celebrate its return. We’ll keep this brief and patronisingly highlight the important bits in bold for those of you in a hurry.

First of all, while you can now access PlayStation Store itself, there are a lot of error messages to wade through. Themes & Avatars? Error message. Free demo? Error message. Anything beyond the initial shop window of options and offers? Error message.

Some have already been proclaiming doom and gloom on PlayStation Store because of these error screens but that’s a needless over-reaction. These problems will be fixed soon enough and hell, they’ll probably be fixed by the time you read this. Well, hopefully.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the Welcome Back program isn’t up and running yet, so there aren’t any free games for you to nab. This is due soon, says Sony US, presumably kicking in once they fix the error messages currently plaguing PlayStation Store.

Finally,there’s an added bonus that wasn’t mentioned in the build up to PlayStation Store being kicked back into life – Burnout Paradise is offered as a free download to PlayStation Plus members.

It’s not yet clear whether this is a bonus to existing PlayStation Plus members or if it will also be available to those being given a free month’s PlayStation Plus subscription. As the Welcome Back program hasn’t kicked in yet, it’s currently locked out to those who weren’t already on the service, though that could change.

Worth noting that Magic The Gathering is also being offered as a free download for PlayStation Plus members too, though the same problems apply at present.

It’s hard to tell what content will be made available when Store does fix itself, due to the error messages, but Outland is being positioned as the key PSN title – our issue on sale 9th June has the game reviewed. The short version? Chris McMahon says “it’s a fairly average platformer.”

Sony will deliver a full list of new content soon, so we’ll keep you updated when that happens.

Let us know how you’re getting on with PlayStation Store and if you’re having more joy with it than we did this morning…

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  • kieran edwards

    i have jus downloaded map pack an they dont work !

  • Sid

    Do we know when the welcome back package will be available? I thought we were gonna get it when playstation store came back online but that clearly isn’t the case now. I hope it’s not to much longer to wait, I want to blow up some zombies in Dead Nation 😀