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PlayStation Plus – Sitting On The Fence

PlayStation Plus – Sitting On The Fence

4745380640_9f5d79789a_bLike many gamers I’ve been looking carefully and thoughtfully at Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, weighing up its benefits and balancing it against my bank balance. And while what is on offer seems very attractive I can’t help but feel that my owning more than one console and already paying for my Xbox Gold Subscription is putting me off another annual fee.

It’s irrational really. Sony isn’t charging PS3 owners for the right to play online. It’s basically saying ‘give us some money up front and we’ll give you some bargains and access to cool games before anyone else’. It’s a good deal, but I still can’t quite commit to it.

The promise of LittleBigPlanet, a game that I have somehow still not got in my PS3 collection, is very tempting. That very nearly had me reaching for my credit card right there, but I was still being held back by a nagging feeling.

In actuality it isn’t about the cost or the fact it would be doubling up my annual subscription fees, but a sense of uneasiness about the motivations behind PlayStation Plus. This isn’t a service that is being offered out of the goodness of Sony’s heart. It wants something from us and that something should be pretty obvious; more money.

By offering discounts to Plus subscribers and by offering games that can only be kept if you remain subscribed, Sony is offering you incentives to spend more money. ‘You don’t really want to play this game? Well, what if we give you 20% off?’ The thing is, it works. Microsoft has already proved through Xbox Live that regular discounts and seasonal promotions work in pushing content. PlayStation Plus seems to be Sony’s answer to that promotional conundrum.

I’m not saying it’s wrong. I actually think it’s a genius move of Sony’s part and I’m fairly sure it will prove successful. I’m just not sure I want to be a part of it.

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  • Conor

    Sony are testing the waters to see how many people will subscribe.There’re going to try and stab us gamers in the back and charge us to play just online like xbox.

  • Dave Moore

    its a mistake.i can afford it but i won’t be joining it.one reason is sony should be proud the psn is free,doing this is a slap in the face to those of us-like me who have been on the psn from day one.
    but the biggest mistake is kids-little jonhy at school will now get ribbed by other kids because he can’t afford the latest,coolest content on the psn where as before he was on equal ground as everyone else.
    this is a huge error by sony.

  • David

    I actually like the sound of PS+, but I think the whole point of the service should be to add things that Sony couldn’t really afford to add before with discounts and demos as extra incentives. At the moment the only thing Sony offer that isn’t related to the PlayStation Store is background patching, which I think should’ve been free tbh, and frankly I’m happy to wait for a download and have £40 to spend on another game.

    If PS+ adds things like Vidzone HD, TV on Demand, online game save back-ups, and other cool services I haven’t thought of then I would be more inclined to subscribe.

  • Brad

    I have to agree with this. i was very tempted by big planet. But something just didnt feel right. So i kind of steered away. PS+ Sounds like a amazing thing. But i dont see enough discounts on the major things people are buying (MW2 Stim Pack… etc.). But i also wish they never put added this, Its goes against loyal customers who dont feel like having a big £40 bill being dumped on there footstep.

  • BusterHarvey

    I love Plus, I’ve downloaded way more than my three month subscriptions price (About eleven pound, Fallout 3 DLCs I never had before because they were too pricey too, seven pound each… Ouch, but free with plus ATM. Twenty One pound from a Elevenish- One time fee? Also, the DLC’s never get took away. I’ve also enjoyed a fine amount of LBP content.)

    I got the AC: B Beta, Killzone 3 Beta, and many other great things.
    Only buy it if you’re a game connossieur, that way you get the best of everything.

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