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PlayStation photo travel diary: LucasArts

PlayStation photo travel diary: LucasArts

I’ll just come right out and say it here: there are no games in this update, nor are there any developers, images of development, pictures of upcoming titles or even mentions of anything that’s a game. This is because you’re not allowed to take photos of about 90 per cent of the Lucas campus, located in the beautiful Presidio in San Francisco.

Look at those faces – both myself and my colleague, X360’s David Lynch, were a little ‘excited’, shall we say:


But who’s that in the background, behind those smiles that try to hide the fact we’re not used to being out in the sun?


Boba Fett: he won my heart, but had to be reminded of the “no disintegration” rule:


What have I always wanted to do in life? Cup a Stormtrooper’s breast, of course:


Nobody likes the idea of a painting being the bad guy in Ghostbusters 2, but… well – LOOK AT IT!


This is where those lucky LucasArts buggers get to eat their lunch (note: view of Golden Gate Bridge). Bournemouth: you have to shape up, I’m afraid:


Anyway, apologies for the distinct lack of game here. I will hopefully finish this off with a last minute San Diego flurry, but there’s a big chance that won’t happen down to time constraints. But make sure to pick up issues 191 and onwards of Play to see our fantastic coverage of all the games I’ve seen out here – it’s the kind of thing you absolutely won’t find in any other UK mags.

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