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PlayStation photo travel diary: High Moon Studios

PlayStation photo travel diary: High Moon Studios

It’s interesting that March around these parts is often murky, grey and quite rainy – even if the oft-sunny climes of Bournemouth. So it was with gusto that I bounded out into the outskirts of San Diego to pay High Moon Studios – creators of the Bourne Conspiracy, Darkwatch and most recently Transformers: War For Cybertron. It was the latter of these I was out there to see, of course, but you’ll have to wait until issue 192, I believe, before you can read up on what I was subjected to. For now though, rest easy in these here shots of the studio, and try to have some sympathy for the lifestyle of a games journalist…

San Diego would appear to be home to the shiniest buildings in the world, which can be a strain on the eyes when it’s so ruddy sunny.


It may look like a warehouse (that’s because it is), but they make games here (and it’s a warehouse).


Apparently this bit is meant to look like a half-pipe. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if it indeed does.


We have a rack like this in the corner of our office. The only difference being it holds tea paraphernalia, not surfboards.


And, well – words can’t do this image justice.


As I said, we’re not allowed to tell you anything about the game itself until issue 192 of Play (on sale May 13), so you still have a bit of a wait to find out. We’re also not allowed to show you the awesome artwork that littered the office, such is the way the world works. Still, I can tell you that I held up the British end by getting sunburnt from about 20 minutes exposure to the outdoors. Be proud.

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