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PlayStation Network relaunch

PlayStation Network relaunch

Sony has just relaunched its PC and Mac browser-based Network service to bring it more in line with Xbox Live’s. By logging on to the Official PlayStation Network site and signing in with your PSN ID, you can now create a portable ID that will display your favourite PlayStation console, Trophy score, recent Trophies and nationality, and can be used in forums and so on.

The site also lists upcoming online events and you can check your Trophies and compare them with your friends. Sony is holding free prize draws as an incentive for you to register your PlayStation consoles online too.

This all suggests that there’s about to be a change to the functionality of the XMB with regards to your online ID and the way that Trophies are displayed. More on that, we reckon, at Cologne in August.

compare trophies

As you can see from the screengrab, Play’s editor is way ahead of gamesTM’s. Clearly he’s a Wii/360/PC fanboy.

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