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PlayStation Move: Does Anyone Care Anymore?

PlayStation Move: Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Around ten months ago we saw the launch of PlayStation Move and with it, Sony’s entry to the future of gaming, motion control. So what have we learned in the intervening days and weeks? Did the controller take the world by storm? Have we all reached an enlightened stage and grown as people thanks to its influence?

No. Not in the slightest.

See, it seems Move has been pretty much forgotten about by… yep, by everyone. Did it even get mentioned at E3? Or was it ushered into a dark corner with all the rest of the embarrassing relatives? I think more the latter, truth be honestly told for reals.

As if to add insult to an injury Sony is trying to make us forget about, it turns out the future of gaming isn’t actually motion control. No, according to Captain Trendsetter himself, Mr Nintendo, the future of gaming isn’t motion control at all. It’s HD graphics and touch inputs.


But what was Move ever going to do? It’s not changed anything and it is, arguably, quite a failure. But it’s not that embarrassing now, is it? Not like certain other motion-based control methods that are being half-arsedly implemented into upcoming major titles in a ridiculous, unnecessary fashion.

I’m talking about Kinect, by the way. I’m aware how subtlety can be lost on the internet. I MEAN MICROSOFT’S MOTION CONTROLLER, CALLED KINECT. IT IS SHIT.

But yeah, Move is a bit pump and we haven’t had nearly as many RTS games popping up to justify its existence as I hoped for. So let’s just forget about it and move on, okay?

Unless something bloody spectacular happens when Sorcery comes out. Obviously.

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  • Sid

    I did like Move and I did buy it but the ONLY move games Sony does release are WAY too expensive. And there are barley any good Move games as well, proved by the release of Ape Escape and Fights: Lights Out. There are many possibiltes with Move but Sony are not utilizing them.

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Mmm… Barley…