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PlayStation App – First Impressions

PlayStation App – First Impressions

Having been released yesterday we haven’t had a great deal of time to spend playing around with Sony’s new PlayStation App for iPhone and Android, but we thought some initial impressions and a round up of some of the info that’s coming out about future updates would be worthwhile. Here’s what we have so far.

What we like – Access to a fairly comprehensive list of PS3, PSN, PSP and PS2 games is a good start. Being able to scroll through a selection of images isn’t bad, but better is that a number of the games have video files you can play with trailers and gameplay footage. Access to the latest from the PlayStation Blog is also interesting. Best though is being able to look at your friends’ trophies and online status. Now on your way home on the bus you can quick check who’s online before you walk in through the door and you know what you’re going to play for the evening.

What we don’t like – There’s not a lot here that makes us feel particularly connected to our consoles at home. Some form of messaging between the app and your friend’s home profiles would be handy perhaps. It would mean the ability to arrange gaming sessions on the go even when you’re not all at home. Some form of PSN access would also be good, particularly if we could queue up downloads for when we get home.

Suggestions – As mentioned more PSN integration would be cool and apparently Sony has a PSN Widget in development, so keep your eyes peeled for that. The friend list order is also apparently being tweaked as at the moment it seems a little random (being online doesn’t push your friends to the top at the moment). It would also be good if you could access your friends’ trophy lists in a little more detail with a proper breakdown of what’s been won. Am iPad version is also being talked about, so best keep an ear to the ground on that too.

So, there’s some good and some mediocre, but as free apps go this is a pretty good one. The most important thing is that it’s out and can be updated whenever Sony wants so there’s really no excuse for jumping on board now in preparation for better things to come.

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  • Well, I can say I’m jealous because I’m across the pond over here in the USA and I can’t get this App on my iPad and I’ve really been wanting to check this baby out. Hopefully it will come over here relatively soon and I’ll be able to enjoy it for what its worth. I would be nice to have on place to go to so you can check on games, the PSBlog, and check to see what you’re friends are doing!