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PlayStation 3 Game Of The Year

In preparation for the annual Play awards the Play team have been discussing at length which game should be awarded our most prestigious award, the PS3 Game Of The Year. We’ve each got our favourite game and it’s likely to be a while before we come to a decision (or I simply use my executive powers) and plump for one. In the meantime I figured you’d like to know which games we’re considering and what the thinking is behind each nomination.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, I proudly present the nominations for Play’s PS3 Game Of The Year award…


Media Molecule managed to do the impossible with LittleBigPlanet and reinvent the 2D platformer. It has the potential to change the face of videogames for ever – certainly as far as the internet is used to share user-created content. It’s also an utterly charming game, full of humour and character and feels really British. And all this from a team of just 30 people. A staggering achievement.



Well, what can we say about GTA IV here that hasn’t already been said? The latest GTA instalment took a more mature approach to its subject matter, shed a lot of the ‘cartoony’ aspects of its PS2 incarnations, introduced us to some of the most endearing game characters ever, created an astonishingly real and ironic facsimile of New York City and was just… brilliant. The online multiplayer was a joy to behold and, while the game tended to lead you around by the hand a bit too often, we can’t really think of anything bad to say about it


Metal Gear Solid 4

Okay, so the story was utter tripe but Kojima’s ‘last’ Metal Gear game was remarkable for many reasons. It boasted the highest production values of any videogame ever made and it showed. Both visually and sonically, MGS4 is outstanding and the actual game (when you got to play it) was a brilliant mix of classic stealth gameplay, playable action sequences and all-out warfare. It also featured some of the best Metal Gear moments ever that, with a series of such a consistently high quality, is saying something. A fitting end to a gaming legend.


PixelJunk Monsters

What’s a four quid PSN game doing on our nominations list? Well, the answer to that is as brilliantly simple as PixelJunk Monsters‘ concept: gameplay. Play was obsessed with this game for months, staying in the office late into the night just to play it in Co-op mode and spending hours (when we really should have been working) discussing the pros and cons of tower placement (especially Laser Towers to get those bastard-hard Bees). Oh, and we even renamed each of the monster types. Monsters is a great example of how a simple idea, perfectly executed, can make a brilliant videogame.


MotorStorm Pacific Rift

We liked the first MotorStorm a lot. We like MotorStorm Pacific Rift even more. It’s almost like this is how the first game should have been – much more variety, much more edge-of-your-seat racing, just much more of everything. It even managed to turn racing game cynic Samuel Roberts into an evangelist, which, if you know Samuel, is an achievement in itself. Great graphics, great racing, great online multiplayer: MotorStorm Pacific Rift is one of the greatest racing games ever made.


Fallout 3

You only have to spend a morning in the Play offices to understand the impact that this game has had on us (usually) cynical games journalists. ‘What we did in Fallout 3 last night’ is pretty much all we talk about before lunch, ‘what we’re going to do tonight in Fallout 3‘ is pretty much all we talk about after. Fallout 3 is an astonishing game, even more so than its predecessor Oblivion. It has probably the most complete and convincing game world ever created at its heart, but it’s the inventive and engrossing missions that really excel. Genius.


Play‘s 2009 awards will feature in issue 174, on sale 24 December.

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  • Christian

    Hey where is Resistance 2, it must be here more than little big planet and MotorStorm.

  • Joe

    MGS is utter tripe??? Do you even know what Tripe is? Cow’s stomach.


  • Joe

    Oh – and where is RESISTANCE 2???

  • Steve

    What you are not even considering RESISTENANCE 2. Have you lost your mind?

  • Joe

    LOL – delete my comments!! Add resistance 2 Mr. Gamer Blogger guy.

  • Salam

    What about Resistance 2.

  • theEnemy

    Um, do you guys have any explanation on why put PixelJunk Monsters instead of Resistance 2 ?

    Any at all ?

  • nate-dog7

    GTA4 was poop. how about resistance 2?

  • orakga

    two comments:

    1) why no Resistance 2?

    2) that screenshot of GTA4 looks like it’s from the 360 version. /shrug

  • 1334


  • Nick Jones

    True, Resistance 2 hasn’t made the list but it was close. We wanted to nominate games that stood out from the crowd and pushed their respective genres to new levels rather than simply being very good. Which, by the way, Resistance 2 is.

    Still, I’m surprised that you’re able to question its omission without actually playing it yet.

  • Maniak

    What about Call of Duty IV??? Best game on PS3 by a long long way.