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Play’s back in Eastenders!

Play’s back in Eastenders!

play in eastenders

After a short and unsuccessful stint over on ITV, Play is back on Britain’s most popular London-based soap, Eastenders. It appeared on last night’s episode, as ever, on the top shelf in the Minute Mart – supported ably by Don Gilet.

The UK’s favourite unofficial PlayStation magazine has always had a reputation as the ‘lovable rogue’ of magazine actors, ever since it broke onto the scene back in 1995 as a child star appearing in a Birds Eye peas ad and then later in several episodes of Lovejoy.

After last night’s rollercoaster of a performance, it looks like the Eastenders cast were more than happy to welcome it back.

Barbara Windsor, who plays Peggy Mitchell, definitely didn’t say, “It’s great to have Play magazine back in Eastenders. I think I speak for all the cast when I say we couldn’t make this show happen without it. We’ve had our differences in the past but I’m glad it’s back on set.”

Sid Owen, who plays Rickkkkeeehh, absolutely, positively did not add, “I always feel like I can express myself to my fullest ability when Play magazine’s in the same scene as me. Its experience and talent are something that I, as an actor, aspire to.”

Play’s previous appearence in Eastenders can be seen here.

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