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Play’s 100 Greatest PlayStation Games

I’m happy to announce that Play #170 (on sale 4 September) comes with a free book: 100 Greatest PlayStation Games Of All Time.

As the title suggests, the book contains what Play considers to be the ultimate PlayStation games from over 12 years of PlayStation gaming. The list was compiled after many hours of debate by the Play team and represents games that have changed the way we play, games that have made us laugh and cry and games that are simply great to play.

As way of a little taster, here a couple of the entries for you to check out… Make sure you get the next issue of Play for the full list!

97. Colony Wars

Format: PSone


In the vein of the classic X-Wing PC titles, Colony Wars was a space simulator with action-packed dogfights and beautiful artistic direction. The third and first-person viewpoints were dramatically conceived, duplicating the essence of pop culture’s more recognisable space operas. Colony Wars was frenetic, fun and constantly replayable.

What we said: Colony Wars is utterly gorgeous, totally playable space blasting. It throws you into the battle like you wouldn’t believe!”


78. R-Type Delta

Format: PSone


R-Type Delta is an insultingly difficult entry in the side-scrolling shooter series, but it’s also the most beautiful and pleasing. Now using 2D on a 3D plane, the screen was more packed with enemies than ever, while the tightly spaced levels demanded absurdly precise manoeuvres from the gamer. Boss battles were typically dazzling encounters, elevated by the technical capabilities of the PSone, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the Delta attacks; by absorbing enemies with a front-mounted power-up, a devastating multi-enemy clear-out could be unleashed upon command. This feature verified Irem’s savvy with the genre. R-Type Delta may have been based on an Eighties formula, but that didn’t mean it had to lack a Nineties pizzazz.

What we said: “Crafted with grace, beauty and nostalgia, R-Type Delta is pure adrenaline-pumping shooting perfection!”


41. Kingdom Hearts

Format: PS2


By combining classic Disney characters and settings with significant aspects of the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts likely had Walt Disney sweating, in his cryogenic chamber. What should have been an ugly merger of the two much-loved families, though, ended up as a corking action RPG that used every character and world to its advantage. Kingdom Hearts is no slack, in its role-playing elements– Sora can be adjusted to different play styles, thanks to the interchangeable offensive, defensive and magic abilities, while his cohorts, Donald and Goofy, add a layer of micromanagement to the way in which the game is played. As a sum of its parts, Kingdom Hearts is both startlingly deep and incredible fun, thanks to its positive use of both licences.

What we said: “It couldn’t work, it shouldn’t work but it does, and even manages to make Goofy look like a pretty tough guy.”


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