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Play podcast – Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer hands-on


Wotcha. Just a quickie to let you know that we’ve just posted a special Play podcast and it’s all about Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer game. Play popped over to Infinity Ward’s LA offices last week to get hands-on with what is probably this year’s most anticipated game and we’ll tell you all about it!

You can get the podcast from iTunes or download direct from here.

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  • AZZA91

    gr8 podcast, one of the best. Maybe you could do one for Uncharted 2: among thieves.

  • Nick Jones

    It’s a good idea, and we’ve considered it, but we’re under embargo until 29 September. Plus, it’s hard to talk about Uncharted 2 without talking specifics and therefore giving away spoilers. Maybe if enough people want it, we’ll do it.

    So, if you want us to do an Uncharted 2 podcast, please register your interest below.

  • Dave Moore

    yes please,uncharted 2 podcast!!!!!

  • AZZA91

    Uncharted 2 podcast plz.

  • Dec

    Uncharted 2 podcast plz

  • Everest Pandya

    gay gay gay booooooooooo this sucked big balls

  • Everest Pandya

    im just kiddin i loved it guys, great work