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Play On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Play On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

PSN is supposed to be back up tomorrow. Which is good because weeknights have temporarily lost meaning until the service is restored. We’ve been forced into doing other things like watching ‘moving pictures’ (or ‘movies’ for short) or staring at a wall, pondering life and where it all went wrong. If you stare long enough, weird shapes start to form. Honestly, try it.

So before PSN roars back into life tomorrow and we gleefully storm back onto the service, here’s a reminder of how you can keep up with Play in its various incarnations and forms.


Our Facebook page can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/PlayMagazineUK

It’s updated fairly frequently, with polls, status updates and stupid pictures of Chris. Most important of all, it’s home to our what-should-we-do-with-this-let’s-give-it-away competitions. We’ve given away t-shirts, Kasumi statues and games like Killzone 3 and Crysis 2. But mostly, you should sign up for the stupid pictures of Chris.


Our Twitter can be found at: http://twitter.com/playmag_uk

Our official Twitter will be updated more frequently, if only because our bosses told us to do it and we’re a bit scared of them because they wear suits and we wear Persona 3 t-shirts and if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the differing levels of power in an office then one day you will learn and you’ll remember this post and you’ll be like “oh right that’s what Ryan was talking about” and I’ll be like told you so, even though I will no longer remember or check this update but of course none of that applies if you don’t work in an office when you’re older because you’ve become a mountain climber or a clown or something.

In any case, you can also follow Ian (@playmagian), Chris (@playmagchris), Jon (@playmagjon) and myself (@playmagryan)


Our YouTube channel can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/playmaguk

We keep our YouTube channel updated frequently with new trailers as and when we get them and have the time to upload them. There are over 100 in there so far, which is pretty good. Isn’t it? Who knows.

But yes. There are also original videos that we put together when we have time, such as Ian’s hopelessly misunderstood Portal 2 review:

And Chris doing… this:

Oh, and that picture on the front page? Nothing to do with anything. It’s just a funny picture. Fingers crossed PSN is back up tomorrow…

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