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Play Issue 204 On Sale Now!

Play Issue 204 On Sale Now!

Do you want a world exclusive on Battlefield 3? Then have a world exclusive on Battlefield 3! We’ve got four pages on the game itself and a four page interview with Patrick Bach, Executive Producer on DICE, who tells Play “we’re not being challenged!” as we hung up the phone in fear before he started getting really feisty. The rascal.

We also have a special look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution courtesy of Jean-Francois Dugas and Jonathan-Jacques Belletetes from the development team, putting Play to shame with both their knowledge and song-like names. We also round up what we know on Grand Theft Auto V and kick your arse with The Best Feature Ever. No, really. It is The Best Feature Ever. We’re not even lying!

We wrestle with Brink to deliver you a hands-on report, have Rocksteady demo the latest Batman: Arkham City build to us, try out Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, blitz Red Faction: Armageddon‘s multiplayer (and accidentally call it an FPS, whoops) while Crysis 2, WWE All-Stars, Shift 2: Unleashed, Catherine and PlayStation Move Heroes are a few of the games which go under our fictional review hammer.

Finally, we look at the Last PlayStation2 Game Ever, remember Hitman 2 and play Fallout: New Vegas with a steering wheel. Just because.

Issue 204 of Play is available from our e-Shop and good newsagents, bad newsagents, disappointing newsagents and supermarkets. And probably some petrol stations too.

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  • Jack

    GTA details?
    oh, c’mon.

    Yous don’t sell it here in oz, do you?

  • Ian Dransfield

    Play is sold in Australia, but I’m not sure how quickly our issues get out there. I’m of the thinking they might be a month or two behind over there, which is poo.

    You can always buy it on iTunes, where you’ll always be up to date (/advertising).

  • Abdi Hassan

    I am suprised that ps2 is still selling and whats the last ps2 game ever?