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Play Issue 200 Out Now!

Play Issue 200 Out Now!

History. It’s not often you get to be a part of it, but that’s what you’ll get to enjoy with Issue 200 of Play. It’s an astounding milestone to have reached and one everyone involved in making Play has worked hard to live up to. As a result we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive and cover to cover brilliant issues of Play ever made.

To get things started we’ve got our massive celebration feature, The 200 Greatest PlayStation Moments, taking in all the highlights from more than 15 years of gaming. It’s a pretty amazing list and one we hope will inspire you to stick a few classic titles back in your console. What better time than over the holidays to remind yourself of the brilliance of games like Resident Evil, God Of War and Metal Gear Solid. If you think we’ve missed a special moment though, write in and tell as by emailing play@imagine-publishing.co.uk.

Not content with compiling the greatest list in gaming history we’ve also tapped up some of the PlayStation’s most respected developers to find out what they think makes the console so special. Find out what they think has been the most influential game released on the PlayStation consoles, find our their favourite games and see what they think the consoles have brought to the industry as a whole. Keep an eye on this blog too as we’ll be posting more extracts from those interviews in the coming weeks.

Issue 200 isn’t all backward looking though. We’ve also picked out 11 For 2011, the biggest and best games heading to your PS3 in the coming year, including brand new screens from Batman: Arkham Asylum, a first look at the new Tomb Raider and hands on impressions of Killzone 3. We also got the chance to see Rockstar’s next blockbuster release, LA Noire and reveal Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

Review wise, well we finally get the chance to tell you what we think of Gran Turismo 5, Sly Collection, Prince Of Persia Trilogy, NBA Jam and the new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam DLC. All good stuff.

What more could you ask for? £5000 worth of prizes to win? Sure we can offer that too. All in Play Issue 200 available from all good newsagents, supermarkets, on our eShop and available on iTunes for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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  • Robert

    I just want to thank all of you at PLAY. The 200th issue “200 Greatest Playstation Moments” is the best. It brought back so much good memories.

    Thank You.

  • Victoria

    Do you have information on issue 6, i think it has Sly Cooper on it, says something about Dreamcast’s Phantasy Star Online wedding couple?