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Play Issue 197 Out Now!

Play Issue 197 Out Now!

At last games are back. We’ve had a bit of a lull over the last few months but all that is about to change as Play 197 is crammed full of the games that will keep you glued to your controller well into the new year.

As a result we’ve done some funny and rather unusual things this month – we’ve scored an overhead kick in FIFA, we’ve dressed up in a romper suit and sliced the arms off zombies in Dead Rising 2, played to a capacity crowd in Guitar Hero 5 and took pole position in Monza while playing F1 2010. Not a bad month’s work if we do say so ourselves.

But the games taking up most of our time were new to the party. Both Vanquish and Enslaved: Odyssey To The West are new properties from acclaimed development teams but both are doing their part to push their respective genres forward.

After the surprise success of Bayonetta, Sega and PlatinumGames return with a shooter that is in contention for game of the year. Vanquish is a fast, frenetic and, above all else, fun shooter that manages to meld a wealth of established ideas together into something that feels fresh. I think it will certainly surprise a lot of people and is a perfect mix of both Eastern and Western gaming styles.

Speaking of which, Enslaved, another union of cultures, has also impressed this month. Ninja Theory has clearly learned lessons from PS3-exclusive Heavenly Sword and returned with something much more engaging, a twist on an ancient tale and one that is extremely well realised through exquisite digital acting and a beautiful game world. This should prove to gamers that Monkey really is magic.

Moving into the last few months of the year, the deluge of game releases is unlikely to let up so be sure to clear some time in your schedule to play (and to read Play) as you’re certainly going to need it.

Play Issue 197 is available at all good newsagents, as an interactive App from iTunes or directly from the Imagine eShop here.

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  • AlexH

    Hi there!

    Great magazine! Picked up the last issue (196) at the airport last week. Any suggestions where to buy the new issue in The Netherlands? I’ve been to several bookstores but can’t find it anywhere.

    Thanks & regards,

  • Conor w

    is there a preview on sims 3 in this issue?

  • sean

    Is the review for enslaved in this issue guys?