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Play Issue 194 On Sale Now

Play Issue 194 On Sale Now


E3 is just a memory but now is time to take stock and see how Sony has emerged from this year’s epic videogames dust-up. Every year each of the major console manufacturers try to convince us of why its product will deliver the most entertainment, amusement and limitless joy to our lives, but to it’s credit Sony certainly brought out the big guns.

Looking over the pages of  the new issue it looks like a fully filled wish list for the year ahead for fans of just about every genre you care to mention. Racing fans have the unfathomably awesome Gran Turismo 5 and chaotic MotorStorm: Apocalypse to look forward to, the likes of Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 are in store for shooter fanatics and for acolytes of the RPG there is Final Fantasy XIV. The return of Mortal Kombat will get fight fans’ juices flowing and LittleBigPlanet 2 should keep modders busy for months – and did I mention you’ll be playing most, if not all, of them in 3D?

Twin all this with the return of a revitalised Cole in the hugely popular inFamous franchise and you’ve got more games and innovation than you can shake a motion-control wand at.

You’ll have no doubt seen some of our inFamous 2 teaser coverage over the last couple of days but issue 194 is the ONLY place to get the full story as well as news on every single new game from E3.

Buy your copy online from the Imagine Shop right here, where you can also pick up a copy on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch should

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