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Play Issue 193 Out Now

Play Issue 193 Out Now

PLAY_193E3 is upon us and that can mean only one thing… games. So many games in fact that this month Play is almost full to breaking point trying to fit them all in, but don’t worry we’ve managed it. Our coverage kicks off with a look at of MercurySteam and Kojima Productions’ revamp of the classic Castlevania. Kojima and co have been very secretive about this one but now they’re ready to talk exclusively to us about how this next-generation iteration will create its very own legend for future gamers to coo over. Having seen the game in action we’re certainly not going to argue as it’s shaping up to be the action-adventure game of 2010.

Staying with Kojima, we’ve been welcomed back into the world of Metal Gear Solid with its latest release, Peace Walker. Promising a full and proper instalment this time around it has the potential to be one of the best games ever released on the PSP. Does it deliver on its promise? Turn to our reviews section to find out.

A runaway hit last year, the Fallout franchise returns to try to steal the crown once again with a game set in Las Vegas – well, what’s left of it anyway. Foregoing the blackjack tables and fabulous stage shows we spent our time in the virtual Las Vegas shooting mutants in the face and the best thing about it was that we never once woke up with a hangover or down a thousand bucks. While I won’t spoil it for Fallout fans, with us having had the very first hands-on with the game I can assure you that you should be getting very excited about this one.

Plenty of gaming goodness then and that’s without even a mention of new information and images for Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Medal Of Honor, PES 2011 and the most mind-boggling experience we’ve been privy to in some time – LittleBigPlanet 2. Think that’s a lot? Well there’s more, much more all in Play issue 193.

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