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Play Issue 189 On Sale Today

Play Issue 189 On Sale Today

PLAY_189_Predator_SmallThe latest issue of Play goes on sale today brimming with all sorts of delicious PlayStation delights including the exclusive PS3 review of Aliens Vs Predator. It’s foilly and fantastic but be careful when you open the bag as it might contain a Facehugger*.

The Aliens have come out to play in a big way but perhaps play isn’t the right word as the one thing the Xenomorphs are looking to do more than anything else is mangle you in ways you not never thought possible. Playtime gets even more dangerous when you release they’re not alone and that they’ve bought their dread-headed friend the Predator along for the ride.

While most movie licences have a reputation for sucking harder than a parched Facehugger with this new AvP iteration Rebellion has tried something a little different taking its influences from a range of sources including comics, film and previous games all of which have a fervent following but can the developer please everyone as well as bringing something different to a flooded shooter market? Buy the mag to find out.

Taking of something new for the shooter market we’ve also had the chance to face 255 other gun touting players in a round of Sony’s MAG, an game that has the potential to lure trigger ticklers away from the 360 and into the PS3 fold. We’ve also donned our Stetsons and moseyed on into the Old West where we’ve hand our first taste of hands on action with Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and at last we experience the return to Rapture we’ve so desperately been craving, but can assure you it was worth the wait.

But of all the game we’ve played this month nothing has split gaming opinion down the middle more than Heavy Rain, it is an interactive movie, pioneering videogame or none of the above. We found out and are poised to deliver the definitive verdict, so if you’re looking for a experience filled with thrills, spills, action and aliens forget the local cinema you’ll find it right here in this month’s issue of Play.

*Don’t worry no bag contains Facehuggers just a great mag, DVD and book.

  • Dave Moore

    love the alien cover.