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Play Issue 188 on sale now!

Play Issue 188 on sale now!


Issue 188 goes on sale today for the bargain price of just £4.99. You can get it from WH Smiths, from your local supermarket or, if you live out the in the middle of nowhere with only a sense of crippling loneliness to keep you company you can order it here.

So what do you get for your money this month? Well for one you get me, Play’s new editor and as this is my home debut I’m keen to get you supporters onside so believe me when I tell you this is one of the best issues you’ll pick up all year. Big talk indeed considering it’s only January.

We’re leading with a huge eight-page feature on God Of War III, easily one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2010. We’ve been given exclusive access to the team at Santa Monica Studios as they reveal the secrets we’ve been after for ages. Details regarding the new game, online play, multiplayer action and even the God Of War film it’s all here waiting for you.

Still not convinced? How about a hands-on with another PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain as we sit down with the creator David Cage to play through it. We also return to Rapture with BioShock 2 to make a Big Daddy Splash under the sea.

When it comes to reviews we’ve doubled up to deliver our verdict on Army Of Two: The 40th Day as well as losing ourselves in a little RPG by the name of Final Fantasy XIII.

Not only do you get all this plus a host of features, opinion and breaking news but you’ll also get a full PlayStation cheats bible that contains every cheat we have for all three PlayStation formats. You’ll also bag our killer DVD that contains the latest trailers, video features and PSN coverage.

It’s literally crammed so full of goodness that it should come with a warning but don’t be frightened – pick up your copy today or save yourself some serious coin and subscribe here.

  • jamie herrick

    new editor? is Nick Jones not on the team anymore? 🙁

  • Adam cole

    one the dvd disc that gives you free themes and pictures, why has issue 188 same as 187? Its a bit rubbish if you use the same pictures and themes every month.

  • upset gamer

    when i click on the links in the dvd it wont come up 🙁