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E3 Live: Play is in LA!

After a 12 hour flight that consisted of stinky man-farts, French air hostesses with stupid hair, and other things that made it a living hell, Play has finally arrived in Los Angeles and has infiltrated E3 (we say infiltrated because everyone seems to think we’re the American ‘Play Magazine’, and our badges say we’re from Massachusetts).Anyway…not much has happened yet, in fact we’re surrounded by plastic wrapping and massive cardboard boxes as most of the exhibitors are still getting their shit together. Microsoft’s press conference is about to kick off (boo), so we may poke our heads in and check out what Sony has to compete against, or we may just submit to our crippling jet-lag and rock back-and-forth in a toilet cubicle for the rest of the day.If we manage to stay awake we’ll be catching the Square Enix conference in about 3 hours time, so check back for the latest (we’re told FFXIII will definitely be shown….).

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